Offering a 3D Animated Game Trailer!

Hey, I’m offering a 3d animated game trailer for your amazing games
for a price though - we don’t take robux because we’d just use it to devex anyways so USD is preferable
I personally wouldn’t be animating it since I’ve got a job that i’m working on at the moment,
But Robro - (Robro Animations) is a really talented animator that just needs the opportunity so,
give us a shout if you’re looking for a game trailer.

  • Kady Create on youtube.

You shouldn’t be advertising for someone that’s not in the Developer Forums. You didn’t even provide a link to his channel to show if he was a really talented animator.

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ahahahaha no honestly
that wasn’t the reason loool
what? you’d think I’d expect any human with brain cells to hire him without checking out his work? I just forgot bro,
here guys

Think what you like about him but that eat the apple video was made 10 months ago.

You provide a link to his channel after I just did. The apple video is the most recent video on his channel, how can he expect anyone to hire him if they can’t see his improvement since then?

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yeah, he’s well aware, he’s working on a video at the moment so hopefully that can prove his skill. He asked for me to do him a favor and its understandable, he wants his name out there

I wasn’t expecting anyone to trust him without seeing his most recent work, nor was he

If that’s the case why didn’t you wait until he had something worth showing?

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because he insisted i do it now
trust me i see your logic but,
he primarily just wanted ‘devs to know him’

which might seem pointless but at the same time, isn’t harming anyone.

What would be the estimated cost of a 30 second trailer? I’d like to get an evaluation before talking about anything.

That’s nepotism.

It’s also called helping out a friend. You should look that up pal.

50 USD as a minimum

Hi, welcome to the devforums, KCreate!

There are a lot of people who would like to get their name out, and it’s not really fair to give special favoring towards users just because they’re friends with a devforum member, so it’s frowned upon to make requests on the behest of other users. You should encourage your friend to apply to the forums with his upcoming work so he can initiate the collaboration himself :slight_smile:

On the topic of collaboration in general, I recommend you check out the topic pinned to the top of Collaboration to see how to best structure these kinds of posts. Not providing any information up front is likely to decrease the magnitude of response you would get otherwise as you’re requiring potential clients to work in order to see if they’re interested. If you do not have enough information when you start composing the thread, it’s best to wait until there is information to give.

Don’t let this dissuade you from posting in the future though! The devforums are a lot different from the ROBLOX forums, so it may take you some time to get used to.