Official Dialogue Editor should be on Roblox Github/Roblox published

As a developer, it is not possible to make pull requests to add functionality / fix bugs for the official Roblox Dialogue Editor. Roblox should add the dialogue editor plugin to their Github Studio Tools repository.

As a developer, it is not obvious that there is an official Roblox dialogue editor plugin. Compare the Animation Editor and Dialogue Editor:

There’s no way to tell the dialogue editor is official. It’s not uploaded by Roblox, it doesn’t have an icon, and there’s nothing to indicate it’s official. The dialogue editor is invaluable, but has been tremendously underutilized because it just seems like another user plugin. The plugin should be uploaded to the Roblox account so it’s obvious it’s official, and because if it’s uploaded to a user’s account, staff member or otherwise, that person may not always be there to maintain the plugin.


Just wanted to point out that the animation editor plugin is deprecated since it now ships with studio.

We were going to delete it from the site but never got around to it

I support the OP in regards to making it official, although I’d prefer official plugins shipped with studio once they’re complete since otherwise it becomes a nightmare trying to track bugs since nobody updates (and auto-update isn’t a thing :frowning: )


It’s not finished yet. It may ship with studio once it is.