Official Game on Search

Hello, I’m not to sure if I’m under the correct category of the forum for this question, but I would like to know how you would make a game official on the roblox platform whether it’s through an application system with Roblox or whatever, I just would like to know.

I’m asking this question relating to the example photo shown below as I’m unsure how that feature works and how to activate that feature. I don’t know what the feature is called either so if you could assist me and piece this together for me, that would be wonderful.

Thank you so much for trying to help me out with this today, have a great day!


There’s a post about this being added, but it doesn’t clarify how the highlighted game is selected. (same with the other post about it) I’ve tried searching for random things and the first result wasn’t highlighted unless I searched a popular game. My guess is that the games that are highlighted are selected by Roblox staff.

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Hmm, alright… Thank you for trying to assist me with this, I think I will wait and see if anyone else could possibly make a contribution to this type of stuff as it doesn’t appear for my popular game on Roblox as shown in the image below.

These are handpicked games by roblox, because these games have been on the popular page and are very well known to people and it is also the most played game that will show up when you search Jailbreak. The same thing happens when you search piggy, murder mystery, and much more because this is what players are most likely looking for when they search those words.

Ok, thanks for better explaining that… However, do you possibly have any information regarding how to possibly get Roblox to look at a particular search topic and apply this feature to a game? Or do you think that the user should contact a Roblox staff member if requesting that?

I think your game would have to be more well known and they would do it themselves. If your game is getting millions of visits, then you might want to ask them. However, asking when you only have a few thousand won’t work because then anybody could just ask and they not only would not be able to do them all, but it would defeat the purpose of this. Every game I have seen that does this has 1 million plus visits.

Alright, thank you for this wonderful information.