Official Roblox Dialogue System and Dialogue Editor Beta

Does it work in Team Create? I noticed whenever I access an action script by clicking the action button it resets to the default action script and doesn’t say I’m editing it.

It only says I’m editing it like so:

when I open the RobloxDialogue folder and find the action script from there.

Also if I click the action button in the plugin, any alterations to the script from there will not save.

As far as the UI goes, its ok to work with, but jeez do the lines and arrows look ugly. Probably worth implementing a UI element that allows for much smoother lines.

I did not test it for Team Create. Behavior there is not guaranteed… oversight on my part.

I like the plugin a lot and the structure you have for the conversations. I ended up implementing the interface myself entirely, but I parse the structure that you also use, which makes it so that I can edit the dialogues using your plugin (saves me tons of work).

A few things I ran into:

  • It doesn’t make full sense to me that the checks run server-side.The client has to wait a lot if they have a bad internet connection. This is bad because I want my UI to feel smooth, no unnecessary pauses are tolerated. I made everything run client-side instead, and only refer to the server when needed (i.e. I fire remote events/functions in the checks if the server needs to authorise something).
  • As a quality of life feature: it would be nice if I could double click the title box to go to the node in the Explorer window. It’s a little annoying searching through X folders that are all named either “Response” or “Prompt”.
  • Adding to above, it would be nice if the arrows weren’t restricted to only 1 incoming and 1 outgoing point on the box. For example consider the picture below, it would be much more convenient if it didn’t create a knot like this, and just pointed to the closest part of the box. We can already tell direction by the arrow head, either way. (This could even be magnified more)

  • Zooming! I really need this, panning constantly over large conversations is frustrating and not really intuitive (couldn’t find the pan functionality without reading through your entire post first). Dragging the background frame from any place to any other place would also be nice instead of holding middle mouse button to pan. I feel like you designed the current layout for a 4k screen, everything is just too huge on my 1920x1080 resolution.

(I don’t really want to create a separate thread for this since it’s a beta and a plugin, not really a built-in feature)


I’m unable to use the editor anymore. Every time I try to open up the dialogue editor menu, Roblox will completely crash. This is a bit of a problem, as I had been planning to use it for an upcoming update to my game.

Think you could look into the problem?


I would very much like to use this system instead of finding a work around. Any word on the subject, or a decent alternative, would be appreciated.


This is not actively being maintained by Roblox. I would recommend taking the source and editing it yourself.


Ughh, what a pain. I suppose I’ll have to do that, although I have no idea what it’s doing that would crash Roblox.

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When you currently open the plugin in studio, it crashes. I don’t know if this is a bug, but could you take a look in to it in case it is.

Steps to recreate crash:
- Create new dialogue
- Edit when the new dialogue is made, you will crash.


I’m afraid that this is no longer maintained, so reporting bugs on this beta is pointless for now…


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I have a fixed version of the plugin in my inventory.

“Until Davidii fixes his dialog editor, it will cause Studio to freeze. I personally fixed the issue.
Do note that this plugin has some left-overs from debugging, so expect some output from it!”

Update 1

April 30th
I removed superfluous console output, fixed the panning issue, and changed the plugin toolbar title to “Dialog Editor II” so as not to confuse the two plugins.


My Roblox studio crashes.

every single time I try to open the Editor portion of the plugin.

Did you look at the previous few responses before posting?

This definitely a good idea. However, this plugin can be definitely be made better.

  • The UI looks rushed.
  • The scripting is rushed.
  • Always crashes studio when you edit.

If the dialogue editor is no longer officially supported it would probably be a good idea to change the thread title or something. Maybe also move it to Learning Resources?

Some people are getting confused thinking this is new.