About Us

Hi, I Alex, and I’ve been wanting to create a game on Roblox for some years now! I’m not very experienced in a scene I need to be familiar with for my game I want to create! I have a small studio with a really small team! I have been on Roblox for 8 years and I’ve been on all parts of the platform and I think the next step I wanna take on here is publishing a successful game! I have a great passion for the game I’m developing and want to see it through. I need your help to do that! I have it all thought out and a clear path of where I want the game to go!

We are OkayGames, We don’t make great games we don’t make good ones, we make okay ones.

The Team
@alex0the0great123 - Main Developer
The main developer will be in charge of seeing things through and making sure everything is working right and everyone is working right.
@SoggyDorito65 - Music Producer
The sound producer will be in charge of making soundtracks for the game to boost the gameplay for players.
@Dom_Dev @Cammuy - Builder (2/2) [2-5K Robux]
Builders will be in charge of map creation and other aspects needed for the gameplay mechanics.

@username - Scripter (0/1) [15-25K Robux]
Scripter will be in charge of working with UI designers and making the key components to the game. They will be working on core functions for the game to run smoothly. They will be working with everyone on the dev team so you will need to work well with others.

@username - UI Designer (0/1) [5-10K Robux]
In charge of making the shop UI and killer UI, and other components that are required for gameplay functionality.

@mariothefireking223 - Animator (1/1) [8-12K Robux]
Animators will be in charge of making the killer’s attacks and running and idles. You will be making sure the killer is giving a realistic vibe to the players and you will be working on emotes as well.

@ii_Bionic - Graphics Artist (1/1) [5-10K Robux]
You will be in charge of the game’s icon, thumbnails, and game pass icons. You’ll have to work well with others as you’ll need the finished products of the others to make your art really show what the game is about. We are going for a cartoony style game as well so you will need to be working in vector.

@imnotRummy - Game Designer (1/1) [20-45K Robux]
We will be needing a little help throughout the process of bringing everything to this game, we are in search of another professional Game Designer to help us finalize features and game modes. You’ll help make the game come together and make sure everything is ready to implement. You WILL NEED experience.

@KayneWestReal - 3D Modeler (1/1) [10-18K Robux]
Modelers will have to work on designing the killers for players to play as nothing extreme but DM me for further detail on what is requested.

DM me for further details on what is expected from you or if you have any questions!
Once positions are filled they will be labeled as closed.

You can see our progress so far here: OkayGames - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for someone to fill our much-needed positions to make our game move forward!
You will be needed almost daily to work on the game and must be ready to work well with others. You will need to be in an EST time zone, this isn’t required but would better-set work hours. You need to be ready to work thoroughly and until the game is ready to be launched and ready to go. You must be motivated and ready to meet any given deadlines.

Our game needs many things added to it, see the list below for a better reference of what will be required of you.

  • Shop GUI
  • In-game currency
  • Data storage
  • UI Designed shops etc
  • Leaderboard stats and levels
  • A killer morphs for players to play as
  • Spectator system
  • Map voting system
  • Round System
  • Pick a random killer script
  • Animations
  • Knives/Weapons
  • Exit scenarios
  • And much more!

About our game

The game is about players trying to survive long enough to escape from the killer. They will be loaded into a map of their choice to try and survive the killer, the killer will be selected randomly by selecting one of the players in the server. The objective is to basically survive until you can escape. Players will be loaded into a map along with a killer and a time limit will be displayed until an exit is opened for the survivors to escape. There will be in-game perks for players and killers to choose from and play with to better their experience.

This game is similar to Murder Mystery (Without the Sheriff) & Survive the Killer


Payment will be via group funds, % is negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/HighLighterCarl
or Discord alex0the0great123 #8544

You must be 13 years or older to apply and at least a year of experience in the position you wish to apply for.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, I have sent you a friend request on discord to discuss this further.

This is my ID: Blacc#9878

Hello! I am willing to be a graphics artist, I have been doing this since 2017, my art is high quality, yes! I added you on Discord, my discord is: Jessie#4550 :smiley:

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Iam intrested as a builder, i can build low polly normal , cartoony , realistic. Aloso i can build lobbys. I sended friend reqest on discord. Th :grin:anks

Hi I am interested in being a scripter on your team! I love making these types of games, and I have got an example, if you’d like to see it, that I previously made. Hopefully you’ll consider me :smiley:
My discord is narno2013#4914

Hello, I am a scripter and has mastered lua. I have been scripting for 5 years, disc is recanman#0544

Interested in working as a UI Designer. Find every detail about me in my portofolio. Add me on discord if you’d like to hire, DevTech#2321

Interested, check my portfolio please :

Discord : Ay-Men#7917
Willing to fill the graphics Artist position

Hey. I’m interested in the Game Designer Role, I’ll contact you as instructed.


I would love to be a game designer! Discord is kirisho#5862

Hello! I am Gat! I would like to apply as the UI Artist!
I can send all details including portfolio in disc.

I’m interested into producing okay artwork, sent you a message on Discord - doge jr.#2430!

Hello! I am interested in the GFX position. I added you on Discord too. I am Puggerly#9139.

hello im very interested to apply here developer jailbreak#7767

I’m interested! I sent you a friend request at Psyfor#0544.

Are we being paid after the game releases or before the game? Like per milestone?

i really want to work as a builder and my disc is jailbreak#7767
i wish im accepted and thanks for reading :grinning: :grinning:

Think I’d be a help on the gui! Here is my discord I sent you a fr on.


Hello, I am interested. If you would like to DM me, I am more than happy to fulfill a position.


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Some positions will be getting paid before others and some will be getting paid after they meet their deadlines.