[OLD] Builder for hire!

See new portfolio here!


Also the 2nd/3rd images are build that are for sale, if you would like it let me know :slight_smile:! Selling for around 20-30k? Or you could offer.

You render your builds to look 100x better!
image Looks so amazing!

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Do you have any links to the places shown, for a more in-depth look?


I was about to ask the same question. Also, adding links would allow us to have a closer more in-depth look at the amount of detail put into the build. It looks great :D!


Thank you very much, When you say renders do you mean the meshes? Sorry I was just confused on it haha.

No I mean like, the graphic levels. :joy:

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Here are 3 of the places

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. You might want to edit your original post with the links.

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Oooh! Thank you. Haha, I thought it looked nice, so I am glad I could make it look good.

Okay thank you for the suggestion, I will do it now. :slight_smile:

I will add the links in right now :slight_smile:! Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it

Hey I am very interested in your service And was wondering what you would charge for a 800 by 800 stud map that has a realistic horror feel.

800 by 800 is a large map if we are on the same page on the size, I would say it would cost around 35k for a large map like that.