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TD - Graphic design portfolio 2021 (CLOSED) My updated portfolio!

About Me

Hello! I am TD, I’m an aspiring graphic designer that’s been designing for quite a while. I’ve got experience in many styles and I’m opening to learning new ones. I have contributed to designs on games such as Winter Night Story as well as a feature in ROliday 2020!

If I find the need to, I can cancel your commission. Several factors such as my schedule, your kindness or cooperation can lead up to this.




Personal work/Practise work


I am available for 10 hours on weekends and about the same on weekdays thanks to current circumstances. If however, I’m not available to do a commission, I will let you know and give you an estimated time until I’m open.

Payment changed* can be discussed.


You can contact me via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/td_tweetz_died or thatgirlagain#5385

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


Really detailed art! Bookmarking this so in the future, I will order from you


Would not recommend this service, I hired her as a designer and gave her 15k worth of my assets to use for the graphic design. She did send me one picture of what she did technically my map in blender. She claimed she was busy in school most of the hours when I asked for progress. I did understand but after 3 days still, no progress was done and then when I questioned she claimed she had other commissions in which was not said when hired (I wouldn’t have hired if that was the case) I did say in one part of the text I would hope to see it near to done tomorrow or even done. But 3 days without ANY reply or some kind of context on what the delay or issue with replying was I was dmed after giving my assets away keep in mind she dmed me yesterday night and I told her what I needed and she agreed no issue was present until this morning today she said - “I think im going to step down as a graphic designer, I cant work around your schedule for something im not being paid for yet” The payment was there she did not ask for a deposit fee or any sort of payment but I was happy to pay 1.5k for the thumbnail I requested from this designer. She may reply to this text and disagree however if I need to send evidence In order to backup my claims I will. I understand now that NOT to give a lot of assets to designers like this. WOULD NOT RECCOMEND.


I stepped down and recommended a replacement artist that could work more efficiently. Thank you for the review but I cancelled because your commission would take way too long and I wouldn’t be able to respond thanks to my current schedule. Sorry for trying to cancel it lightly and help you out by recommending one of my friends but it was switching designers or a gap of progress that would only inconvenience you.

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The reason I came to you was because the price was in my budget the guy you sent me wants 5k for a thumbnail in which I do not have to spend. But that is not how you operate at all.


If no payment was given before hand, she should be allowed to cancel or delay a commission. Don’t make a fuss about the delay. 3 days is not very much and you should be thankful for her low prices and quality. People that charge this much won’t provide the quality she gives. Also, I do not know how you can combine giving assets with delaying a commission? it doesn’t matter if the quality of the assets are 15k or 2k R$, she isn’t required to use all the assets you have given her.
Providing assets is just helping the graphic designer with the commission, so he/she doesnt have to model or find assets that fit in the game theme.

You should be happy she is still working on the commission. if you would have contacted me this aggressive just for a 3day delay you should need good luck for finding an other graphic designer.


Mate I disagree with you this comment is not what I said at all, If you did not respond to me or dm me AT ALL within 3 days I would not be happy! She has my asset files now lol what are you talking about and she isn’t doing the comission.

And she never asked for a fee at the start either so you make no sense? She never delayed a comission she cancelled a comission whilst still in property with my assets in which she claims to delete later which I still feel sus about but if it’s not removed from her computer I’ll be reporting.

I had no problem I never asked for it to be done in 3 days I said I wanted to see more progress than just a picture of my map I could do myself.

ok so, first things first, don’t be afraid of her having your map. Even if she did the thumbnail she would still have the map, besides that she also has a devforum portfolio so if she would leak the map you can always contact her by discord or via devforum.
Second, i stated that she also can cancel a commission. she didn’t ask for upfront payment so i do not see the reason why she cannot cancel a commission.
then the last thing, she probably has good reasons for not working on your commission. it could be that she has other commissions she has to finish, it could be because she has to finish a school project or something else. you cant expect everyone to always being able to work on something.


I don’t see a problem here, the GFX Designer simply said that the commission was too hard and too time-consuming for him/her and that she had other work before yours, him/her also said that him/she was un-motivated, so him/she canceled the order which is more than justifiable, having the map isn’t enough to make a huge deal, they cannot really use it and you can just talk with him/her, 3 days isn’t enough for someone to finish a thumbnail, you can’t except everyone to always be able to work on something, stop making such a big deal of off nothing.


As I said on discord, I can help find a new designer if needed I’m not going to leave you empty handed. And yes that is how I operate, all my attempts to accommodate were disregarded. Being called while you’re in class is not typically ideal and while I understand your concern, what I’m doing is always visible in my status. And thank you to the people that backed me up :purple_heart:


She wouldn’t do anything with your assets, and in her commission rules she said that she could cancel at any time. That is your fault, I know her pretty well and she does have lots of school. All most all the time her Discord status is “Doing homework so I can’t check dms.” And also the other day she didn’t have any wifi for a bit. She had also warned people in her TOS that it would take a while, but thinking that would be done in a day or two is obnoxious. I get that she didn’t respond for 3 days, but you didn’t even pay yet. That’s on you. She has sent me stuff that you have called her in the middle of class at school, spam pinged her, etc. You have also said to her “I expect you to be done when I wake up.” It is a lego game, not a professional job.


@Recon_Developer fair warning, arguing and disputing issues handled in third party applications and derogating members of the forum is highly against forum TOS and you could be moderated if your posts are reported. just a friendly reminder :slight_smile:

The guy that started the argument was banned I believe but yeah

this looks really good im gonna bookmark for the future cuz maybe then i can afford it!

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This is criminally undervalued. You deserve so much more than AT LEAST 250 robux!

Edit: My baby dead brain read 2.50 $ as robux. Still undervalued!


sheeessh TD big pro GFX Designer

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Very good, would recommend. Made me an amazing banner and profile picture!