TD - Graphic design portfolio 2021 (CLOSED)

Commissions are currently open on Talent Hub! I can’t edit the title*

Heyo I’m TD or Bernadette and I’m a 14 year old graphic designer. I’ve worked for various recognized developers including Byte00, StarsSupremacy, EcoCrashed and Bobbysayhi. I have over 2 years of experience and I’m open to new projects. I work hard to complete orders in a timely and keep a positive relationship between all clients! My Fiverr page:



![peticon|500x500] (upload://kgm9v2sr1lO9hpJtSmKUTXu4FJL.jpeg)


Logo commissions will be open soon.

I am currently available most working hours as I’m not in school. My timezone is EST.

Thumbnails: 10k robux via group payment (14 286 through gamepass) or $35 USD via Paypal

Icons: 5k robux via group payment (7 143 through gamepass) or $15 USD via Paypal

Ad: 3k robux via group payment (4 286 through gamepass) or $10 USD via Paypal

You can contact me through discord at thatgirlagain#5385 or via Twitter at: You can contact me on DevForum but I don’t always see messages quickly.

Q: When should I pay?
A: I take payment before I start working to avoid the risk of not getting compensation, I’m willing to work after a 50% downpayment if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

Q: How long will my order take?
A: I try to give each customer an ETA but it might not be accurate depending on how many orders I have or my day-to-day schedule. I aim to deliver everything asap or within the agreed timeline.

Q: What do I need to give you?
A: Before I can start I’ll need any map, characters, or models that you’ll want to be in the design!

Thank you for checking this out!