Old School Animation Pack Color thumbnail shaded lighter than other catalog listings

Hello Developers,

This is probably me being nitpicky, but I have noticed a catalog error on the animation pack page. It appears that Old School Animation Pack has an unintentional miscolor. Here are the pictures:


Color that the packs are supposed to be:

Here are steps to reproducing the error:

  1. Go to catalog.
  2. Go to animation bundles.
  3. Click on Old School Bundle.
  4. Notice the color change.

While this issue seems small, it has a bigger toll than you would think. It pops out a lot, it makes the user want to click it over other animation packs. And on top of that, it looks silly, almost like roblox didn’t really care about keeping things uniform. It would be great if this was changed.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I do not believe this is a bug. They just used to use a grey default model to preview animations, and they switched it to white.

If they switched it all the others would be changed. This bug is about Roblox not keeping the packs uniform, I’m just using old school as an example. If they changed the colors of the other packs, that works too.

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Yeah, I do agree that they should be keeping the packs the same color, or as in your definition

but, I think the staff team knows this, but doesn’t really bother to update it. In my opinion it doesn’t make a big difference anyway.

Agreed! It’s mostly about keeping it uniform.

I am not so sure, I doubt they would not keep the packs uniform.

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Well, the reason I think they don’t really bother is because, it is quite noticeable the sudden color change.

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The stark contrast of it to the others also shows the “uglier shading” bug which was introduced in between December 2019-Early 2020 and has been present since (look at the head glare, and also the edges of the body parts, then look at some hats like “Question Mark”).

I have also reported that as a bug separately below, if you want to take a look:

I felt it was worth bringing this up here as it is also related to any unintentional Catalog rendering faults (like this one), which coincidentally also didn’t previously occur prior to the shading fault.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.