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It’s pretty cool!

I think you might want to stiffen the springs more. When you were going over the grey rocks, the chassis stayed almost perfectly aligned with the flat ground. This does not happen in real life. The car should have some sort of bounce when it goes over rocks.

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Thanks for the feedback. The current suspension is at 4 so I will have to change that to stiffen it up. I don’t want it realistically stiff otherwise it will not be fun to drive.


Can’t you get copyrighted from something like this?

I am not following? Wdym copyrighted? If you mean the car I did not know that the Toolbox stuff was copyrighted

No I mean aren’t you trying to make the same car and give it away for free? Is that legal? Just asking

The car model idk. But the physics and resources I used are in the video description?

I don’t think this or this

Is copyrighted. And also how am I giving it away for free?

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this is amazing, is this ur first chassis build ever? amazing job man.

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Thanks. No it is not my first I have been trying to get this effect for about 2 months. It took a lot of learning and time but I got there in the end.

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time well spent. keep up the good work.

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There is sound just I enabled it after the video :frowning:

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Thanks. I will try my best to.

Added: Jailbreak Chassis (Reanimated) - Demonstration. So people can experience it for themselves.

It’s legal if he built it himself, Jailbreak made it off studio, other people can too, whether they allow others to use it away is their choice, it’s not jailbreak’s it’s roblox’s but jailbreak is using it

So you are saying. If you script or or get it of toolbox its legal?

Did you get the whole thing off toolbox as it is now or have you modified it?

If you add stuff to make it unique, it can be done however you want it, if it was on toolbox, it’s open source so anyone vna use it or do what they want with it

No, I made it myself. Why would you presume I got it off Toolbox?

Because you mentioned toolbox in your last post, the grammar was a little bit off so I just guessed what you meant, I thought you were implying you got it off toolbox, anyways, yes if you made it yourself, you can do what you want with it

This is an old Thread don’t know why you would think that but okay. New Thread: