Perfect Scripted Chassis

I have been working on bugs from my chassis and now it is ready to be demonstrated . I have therefore set up a place where you can now freely test the Chassis and give me Feedback on what I can change. I have been working on this for ages. It took large amounts of my time but it is finally complete for testing. I would like honest feedback please. I have fixed most bugs, this means it should be an enjoyable ride. There is a Global User Interface to change settings such as Speed, Height and brake power. The map is not detailed as I am not an artists but it has the basic features you would expect. I know this is strangely similar to my other thread but trust me I have changed lots of things.

Anyway here is the Place. Feedback needs to be honest I am really trying to Improve.

There is some Rolling Hills Terrain as well as a little suspension track. People can steal your vehicle my Jumping in the same one you are in.


E To Enter Vehicle
Space To Exit Vehicle

Also if you do die you will lose your speed, sorry about that. Anyway please help me improve.


Pretty nice work! I liked it did you used jeep as a template

Kinda reminds me of the jailbreak chassis. Nice job!

I guess I will take that as a compliment?!

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No, I used a couple small equations from the Jeep that I could not find on Google.

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Perfect. I understand you lol, When someone says “copy” you be like :angry:

its a REAL Perfect Scripted Chassis I liked it.

When you die, it seems to break the script.

I have not added a function to check if the Character die or is dead.

It work very well. As @lost_sock said it is very similar to the jailbreak chassis but yours seems to have better physics, at least from my point of view.

Ahh I thought so, just wanted to bring up it up just in case. Amazing chassis btw.

Traction, Rolling Resistance, Drag and Brake Power. Also, I do not use BodyVelocity. The differences are quite pronounced without an explanation.

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Are you planning to sell this at all?

I’m unsure to release it or sell it. I am preoccupied working on autonomous vehicles.

It’s a really good job. Great script for a vehicle!

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will try to keep it up.

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Lol I agree. Once I made a 2D remake of minecraft with lighting and everything only with JavaScript. I showed it to my friend and he said “oh so like a copy of minecraft” true programmer pain

sorry that’s off topic lol

But yeah the car is great, did you make the wheel model yourself?

No, I got that of the Toolbox I though Cylinders were boring.

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Cool! Even though I prefer A-Chassis wayyyy better, this is still really neat!

Thanks, and yes. A-Chassis is very good I am hoping this will be on par with it, when I have finished. Acting as a less realistic and nicer feeling Chassis.

Good luck considering how advanced that stuff is and all the TFI vehicles are. Take this as an example. Screenshot_198