On a high end graphics card, shadows and terrain POP and it's not necessary

I’m playing this game on a high end rig (2080 RTX).

There is a lot of shadow popping and a lot of terrain LOD popping.

For instance, in tunnels, the shadows just stop halfway down the tunnel.

Meanwhile my video card is chilling. Looks like there is room in VRAM to 4x the shadow maps.

I manually cranked in-game gfx quality to the max. I don’t think the max is high enough. Maybe Roblox is using hard-coded thresholds for things like shadow distance that are out of date vs. newer hardware?

Here is some terrain that is LODing, in my opinion, unnecessarily (along the top by the power lines). Also another texture pass on it wouldn’t hurt.

The game is good, everyone should check it out.

This tunnel is not lit, those are artifacts.


They’ve set manual limits to render distances the same way they set the max distance of Light objects to 60. It’s a bottleneck


I’m going to go ahead and bump this and add a bit more information to this post at the same time.

This absolutely needs to be worked on. Big terrain world maps, such as a game I’m developing, pretty much lose a lot of their quality because of this. They look horrid at big distances, all because of an arbitrary LoD limit.

With StreamingEnabled enabled and low distance settings for the same, this is even more noticeable, and at some times, really game breaking:

This map looks completely broken, but is perfectly fine in Studio. All of this is terrain.
When I approach it, it slowly loads more and I often “noclip” into terrain.

This is not only an issue with this one game though. The pictures from above are from a game I released as long as a year ago, which used to look perfectly fine, and has had no updates whatsoever that could had broken the terrain.

See that large black spot? That’s not a part. That’s also not any model above the ground. That’s Level of Detail.

Another thing is that Level of Detail is almost the exact same between quality levels, which really does not make sense.

^ Quality 1

^ Quality 10

It looks extremely broken from not that far, but when close:

It’s suddenly perfectly fine.

Please, work on this. Add support for higher LoD limits for higher graphic levels, or at least fix the LoD. This map would look fantastic if it weren’t for the LoD. It ruins the view almost entirely.