One-click Collaborate in Studio [Beta]

Hello developers,

Collaboration is an essential part of the development workflow. That’s why we are transforming Studio into a collaborative workspace where creating with others is intuitive and robust in all aspects of development.

In this beta release, One-click Collaborate Button, we’ve streamlined the process of adding collaborators to easily start collaborating with a single click. To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  • Go to File > Beta Features
  • Check the box corresponding to One-click Collaborate Button
  • Click Save
  • Restart Studio

New “Collaborate” button

First and foremost, you will see a new Collaborate button in the upper right corner of Studio that is always visible. When you are ready to collaborate on an experience, simply click that button to add collaborators. Any collaborator you add will have access to the experience, and Team Create will automatically turn on to allow everyone to edit together. The previous process of saving to Roblox, enabling Team Create from its widget, and navigating to Game Settings > Permission can now be accomplished with just one click.

Location of the Collaborate button in the top right next to What's New

Clear view of collaborators and access level

Once you click the Collaborate button, a new dialog called Manage Collaborators will appear. Here you can view and manage your collaborators. We have also updated how we display permission details to clarify the scope of access (e.g. Edit, Play) given to a collaborator.

Note: Searching for collaborators and what permissions you can give them has not changed with this release.

The different access levels granted as well as how they are displayed differ between user-owned and group-owned experiences.

For user-owned experiences: If you are the owner of an experience, Edit access can be granted to any of your friends. Non-friend users or a group can also be added to your experience, but they can only be granted Play access.

For group-owned experiences: A collaborator must have a role within the group to have Edit access. There are two ways a role can have Edit access to group-owned games:

  1. Enable the Create and edit group experiences permission for the role.
  1. Grant Edit access to a role for a specific experience in Studio.

Friends are clearly labeled when searching for collaborators

When searching for collaborators, you can now easily find your friends with a new Friend label shown at the top of the search results. This helps to prevent accidentally adding someone you don’t know if you misspell their username.

The Collaborate button and the Manage Collaborators dialog will become the control tower for collaboration in Studio. We’d love your feedback as we continue to iterate; if you have any requests or issues, please post below!

Many thanks to @Brouhahaha, @RacquetBaller, @SwirlTheNumbers, @yipiokay, and @swgridnik for making this feature possible.


Cool! I always forget to enable team create when adding people to edit, so good thing it automatically enables it now. This should definitely help newer developers aswell.

Also, 2 announcements that quick! :shock:

I agree, it does stand out too much


I like this, but I would like to have the button be a bit dimmer. It’s extremely outstanding, and doesn’t need ot be that way


Thats actually a good update! Not sure about the collaborate button but the new system is definitely great! Keep it up.


I agree wholheartedly with this. It is very unpleasant on the eyes. Could we get this moved into game settings instead of having it be an annoying bright blue button in the top right corner?


Hey, I have seen this one before! Team Create | Roblox Creator Documentation


Would we good if we (as a Group Owner) can add our friends to Edit access on group games. This would make it easier to handle permission management on large groups with many games, rather than having to create multiple ranks (especially when you factor in that these groups may have community purposes and the overlap between each game’s development teams)


Really great UX improvement! helps a lot for changing permissions granularly.
My only qualms with this would be that you’re still required to give animators permission to edit the experience to allow them to upload animations. That is, Create and Configure group items still does not allow you to upload animations, and can only be done if they have permissions to edit the game.
Would it be possible to rectify this behavior?


I also agree. I keep thinking there is something in the “What’s New” section.


Yes was this now comes new update which better new or old?

Is there any reason this window locks permission setting to just the group owner? All of our RedManta groups are owned by a single holder account, and we give a special role to administrators. Kind of defeats the point for us if we have to log into the main account to change permissions anyways.


I have a question, the problem that when your game costs robux and you invite to try with the Play access level it continues to charge you and you cannot access unless you pay to play, has it been solved?

You can only play the game without pay if you have the Edit acces level and it are a big problem


It would help groups with multiple games significantly if you enabled the ability to give edit access to specific players in the group rather than only being able to give edit access to entire roles. Currently if you only want to give one person edit access to an experience, you have to create an entirely new role for them, which is a bit ridiculous.

I would like to be able to have a singular “Developer” role that does not have edit access by default, and then give individuals edit access to the games that they are supposed to work on.


Please add some sort of perms feature for Team Create!

The new updates are nice but a collaborator can still access everything download the game/assets. This limits the proper usage of Team Create a lot. It pushes us to use external collaboration tools. I personally don’t add people to Team Create anymore because of this.


This is a great feature, it makes it much easier for new developers to quickly get together with their friends, and it also makes managing existing teams much easier.

However, we’re still really missing the ability to give group roles edit access to personal games, and give multiple groups and roles edit access to any game. We used to have this feature, and it’d improve our workflow greatly if it was added back.

Ooh! Can’t wait, Glad this new feature is being implemented!

It would be helpful to features only one click Collaborate in Studio can be access to specific players for working on edit access tools, once they giving download game/assets, they will each only will access permission settings had been added easier for working many roles for working on access to play a one click Collaborate in Studio.

Thanks for this, real time collaboration really is an important part of development workflow. While we’re still on this train though, i have to ask; Any plans on adding real time script editing? (Something like glitch or, i feel like this’d help a lot and would be way better than the current draft system.

Adding collaborators has always been confusing to me. I’m glad it’s been simplified!
The button placement is odd. I’d expect it to be under the ‘file’ dropdown menu

Wow! This function is great! Because before we was had to go to settings>manage>add people now is one click! Ty for that!