One-click Collaborate in Studio [Beta]

I hope groups will get a extra permission option for roles for management this. As currently only the owner of the group can do this. Meaning I need to keep switching from account to update those permissions.

Its stands out too much, make the button more dimmer.


Okay. I feel this is completely unnecessary. They could have been working on something much cooler, but they are working on shortcut to permissions manager which usually takes only two clicks to get to. Game Settings>Permissions. I really don’t see the point.


Wow very cool update for beginners who want it simple!

Please can we have a feature for only certain devs to be able to access scripts and certain devs to be access to building :grin:

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That’s very pleasant! Always was a bit too complicated having to go to the permissions tab every time from game settings.

However, could you please make the collaborative-editing feature off by default?
It’s very irritating having to commit scripts when I am by myself, and to disable the settings every time, having to restart Studio.

Overall that is a very nice beta feature that I hope will roll out soon!

Huge thanks for the engineers that made it possible :clap::clap:


Can we get it so non-owners can edit collaborators in group experiences? I don’t actually know, but the owner of a group i’m in told me it’s not possible. The devs can’t hold a testing session for any games unless the owner is there to change the permissions for the testers- and, he’s not always there to end it either.

Very cool! I don’t personally use team create that much as I’m mostly solo, but very useful for when I’m doing group project’s.

Bad point: Co-creator can ban creator by adding Ultimate trolling GuI from MarketPlace

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Yes, I would like to expand upon this issue. Roblox needs to create some kind of system which logs in hidden metadata where certain objects and attributes originated from in order to prevent the false bans attributed to rogue developers inserting non-TOS abiding content into group and collaboration games. Although the identifier to show scripts in inserted models is good, there should be an option to automatically delete them to make the process easier for users who are new to studio and don’t know how to find and delete these scripts.

Same goes to chat exploit that was used in crosswoods.

Hi! I think that after the update the tabs became inactive, I am the owner of the group. Who knows why this happened?

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I’d like to ask why when I have a user-owned experience,
I can set “Play” and “No Access” to groups but cannot set “Edit” to groups’ roles.

hi @Ninjonik this behavior hasn’t changed - you cannot give edit access to a group for user-owned games. Groups can only have Edit access to their own Group games. I’m curious though, what is your scenario here?

hi @Agent_4004 any group roles that have Owner or Edit access permissions inside the group looks grayed out because the level of access can’t be changed inside Studio. You can go to > Groups to configure group permissions if you want to change the access level. Before, it used to show the wrong info in the Studio UI (something like “No access”) and we’ve fixed that to show the actual access level.

I have two games in one group, and also in my group there are four developers, I want two developers to have access to one game, and two other developers to another game, also each two developers have their own role. But I can’t do this because all developers have access to all games in the group, regardless of roles

Seconding this. Please add a permission setting for roles that allows people other than the group owner to change these access settings. We have multiple developers and it just doesn’t make sense for the group owner to be the only one able to change these settings.