One World: Together At Home Game Sort

Hey developers,

On Saturday, April 18th, 2020, Roblox will be taking part in the One World: Together At Home virtual concert series. The concert will run in a similar fashion to the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards.

We will be creating a sort on the Games page at 10:30am PDT on Saturday for this event and we anticipate that this will divert a substantial amount of traffic. This is a heads up so that you can plan accordingly.

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Ok, this seems like a cool idea. I can’t wait to check it out! I’m guessing your going to be streaming the event as well, on YouTube or twitch or something, for people that can not make it? Also I’m still kind of confused on this, mind clarifying a bit more? heh.


Wait, so does that mean that there will be real celebrity concerts being streamed in-game? How is this going to work, exactly? I don’t see a survey this time, is it Rolox-made games or still developer-made games like with the educational sort?

Sorry with the heavy bombardment of questions, but this seems really cool and I just can’t wait till Sunday!


I’m so glad Roblox is taking a part in this event! I will see this event on TV! I hope it goes well! :slight_smile:


Having this as an event is great as it shows the community that ROBLOX cares.

With this being said, why should we watch this event in a ROBLOX game as a low quality video when programs which are solely for watching videos (YouTube) will have this on their platform?

Even if ROBLOX somehow majorly improved video frames from to the Bloxys, this event is still going to be streamed from the official site through ROBLOX. Besides quality, isn’t this also going to be very slow and unreliable?


That is SO cool for roblox to be part on that!
That’s so exciting!


This is a great thing to be happening! It shows that ROBLOX cares about us and is trying to lift our spirits up through this. One thing is how will this work?


Probably with video frames, like they did for the bloxy game not too long ago.


I think checking out the website will be most helpful for some of your questions!

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And from what I can gather this is not exclusive to Roblox. Will be streamed elsewhere.


This seems like a good idea, although it will probably receive the same reviews as the last Bloxy Awards did.


Sweet do you guys need a map for this? Cause I’m sure we could get it done soon. And good idea Roblox! :smiley:

Edit: As the bloxys go let’s make another system where it is just the screen so we don’t have exploiters flying in front like with Konekokitten.


Will be there for sure, have also made sure to announce it in any community server I manage/have power in.

Can’t wait! :smiley:


This event is not created by ROBLOX in any way. Therefore, it will not be anything like the Bloxys and probably receive way better reviews/rating. (Except if you watch it on ROBLOX the quality will most likely be similar.)


Is this a sort that you can apply for?

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I highly doubt this, they create an entirely new sort above all other sorts called “event”, and it would only display the event on there, it is 100% not going to be applied for if they do this.

You can however apply for some of the other sorts such as play-together sort.


Sounds fun! It’s nice to see that roblox is finding ways to engage players at home!

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We do need Ariana Grande with them. That would be a lot interesting to see my idol.