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About Me

Hello, my name is RadiatedExodus, I am previously known as RealEthanPlayz, I have known about Roblox at 2015 and first made my account at 2016, I started scripting around 2016-2017 when I got interest in Roblox experience development. At this point currently I am still learning C++, C, and the Lua C API.

Notes to consider:

  • As of September 24, 2021, this is the first time I am opening my service as a scripter, apologies if I may have said something wrong or offended you, I am still looking for experience developing with others as I have been a solo dev for a really long time.
  • I have the rights to decline your request
  • I am not good in things that involves CFrame or mathematics. (I can try but cannot gurantee, if I fail I will refund)
  • You must pay half of the agreed price first, then if you are satisfied after the work is done, you must pay me first and then I will send the work.
  • I only accept group payments. Gamepass is also an option however you must also pay the tax.
  • I can work in both Studio or filesystem (Rojo) environment.

Previous works

Note that I do not have much previous work, as I am usually focussed at one project and finish it first before making a new one, I will only list my most notable works here (currently 8 works are provided)

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Meta Script Builder

Experience link: [MAJOR UPDATE] Meta Script Builder - Roblox
Meta Script Builder is a experience similar to others like Void Script Builder, it features:

  • Sandboxed script execution environment (albeit I admit it does need some work)
  • Output capturing (does not capture external required modules)
  • Execution on both serverside and clientside
  • Anti-destructible gui, other players cannot easily make the experience unusable by deleting the in-experience gui or such

Maze Generation

Experience link: Maze Generation - Roblox
Maze Generation is a game about mazes with no exit, the maze is different for every server as it generates a new maze everytime a server starts. This experience is also based on a open-source community module:
Dungeon Generation: A Procedural Generation Guide

BloxExecutor (private)

BloxExecutor is a private serverside executor that I personally use in script builders, albeit I will not list the features as the work itself is private, it does offer a lot of features that are normally not available at free ss require executors that you can find on YouTube.

However, the first version of the executor is open-sourced and available (please keep in mind my code style has changed a lot from when I made it the first time)

The Fun Mayhem: Legacy Mayhem

Experience link: The Fun Mayhem: Legacy Mayhem - Roblox
The game’s original release date: April 13 2020 (the experience link above does not match the original release date because it got banned once due to something I had implemented, this is also where I learned a lot of things about scripting, the experience is more like a hangout place for me and my friends (as we do not know what to play these days at Roblox), however it is long abandoned, a rewrite is currently being done inplace albeit I have been slacking off lately.


See this thread for more info (yes it was made on a different account)

Open CCTV System

YouTube video showcase link (keep in mind video is unlisted): [OPEN SOURCE & FREE | UPDATED!] Open CCTV System demonstration - YouTube
Model link: Open CCTV System - Roblox

This was a CCTV system I designed myself, when making this back then I tried avoiding bad practices (using events instead of loops, etc)

get whatsapp car drip-ed

get whatsapp car drip-ed | Roblox Script Showcase #1 - YouTube
I’m ashamed for providing this aswell, but it’s way too notable so here we go…
This was based on the “WhatsApp car drip meme”, so I decided to make this, and then only to found out that there was a similar script and I got atleast 2 hate comments saying that I copied this…

Extra credits:
@Ra1ph_YT - Providing the car in the script (he is also my friend)

Extra notes:

  • The script is not designed for trolling public servers in script builders, it’s intention is not to be abused to ruin other’s fun at a experience, that is why I never shared the source of the script.

The project utilizes Rojo.
LibUsefulUtility has various of useful libraries I made myself. Albeit it hasn’t been updated for a while.


  • I may unfortunately refuse if the commision is too large or too hard.
  • You must pay half of the agreed price first, then if you are satisfied after the work is done, you must pay me first and then I will send the work.
  • I only accept group payments. Gamepass is also an option however you must also pay the tax (if you do choose the gamepass option you will have to pick between paying the full price at start or half price). I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT TYPES THAT USES REAL LIFE MONEY VALUE SUCH AS USD
  • Keep in mind that I cannot work if I have exams or important matters, you will have to wait until I finish those matters if they do happen.

On weekdays, I am available for atleast 1-2 hours of work (if nothing is interrupting me)
On weekends, I am available for atleast 1-5 hours of work
Timezone: WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat/Western Indonesian Time)


Paying first before you tell me does not mean you have reserved a slot, I reccomend telling me first before paying.
Prices can range from 10 robux - 75 robux. Prices will vary depending on the work and can be higher than 75 if the requested work is complicated.


You can contact me via Discord or DevForum Direct Messages.
Important note about contacting from Discord: Please notify me first if you are contacting from Discord, along with your Discord username with tag.
Discord: .イーサン#6627


Hi. My name is Shebzy. I want to hire you for my roblox horror game. add me on discord plz (you discord username doesnt work for me) for more info. shadyshades0007#2177

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