[OPEN] [2,000+USD] Hiring Team For New Roblox Game

Hey there! I’d love to apply for any UI, scripting, or GFX position! The only problem is having to be over 18. Are there any possible exceptions?

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Is there a contract, just asking? Also, what type of building sytle are you looking for? Plastic such as most simulators or semi realistic?

I’m bored. I’m a good builder, nice guy, and I work for free (all I want is credit). Hit me up anytime. Douglas MacArthur#2436

Somethin I did, Rockefellar Plaza - Roblox

Interested! Kadravaa | Builder/3D Artist Portfolio [Closed]

Feel free to message me if you need a Russian translator, 30 projects translated by me so far.

Hello! I’m Sinox. I have taken great interest in your project and would love to apply! Please note I do have experience working on greater scaled projects such as the one your trying to put together. For contact, my discord is Sinox#5016, if you do end up adding me just let me know in the reply section of this post so that I know to look for your request.

Hey I’m very interested for this task, Here’s my portfolio Vukangeneral2002 | 3D Modeler [OPEN]

Hello, Poke! I’m a small YTer myself (nearly 40K) but I’ve been finding my passion in building for roblox games as well as UGC items. Here’s my portfolio: UptownRose's Building Commissions. You can go to Twitter (@UptownRoseYT) to see my UGC concepts if you would like to see them. I’m a dedicated, mature worker who believes in giving my best to everything I do. I’d love to be considered for a building position! I can build low-poly and high-poly models, maps and any assets. You name it, and I can build it. You can reach me on Twitter the easiest, however you can also visit my discord at: UptownRose#6861 .

Thank you again for considering me and checking out my portfolio! Have a wonderful day!


Hi Pokediger I would like to apply and work with you
Here’s my portfolio

Hi! I am not 18, but I do have a paypal which you could pay me at. Also I am really good with roblox scripting! So I am asking if you could make a acceptance for me to join you on this cool project. :smiley:

Hey! Add me on discord so I can send you my portfolio!
Discord: UnitornsReal#9113

Portfolio: (Closed) Not accepting


I’m interested in the scripter position and i’m your fan : >

This is one of my best games that i scripted

You can contact me via:
Discord: sktvladimir535#3326
or here in DevForum

I am a scripter, builder and animator. Here is my resume:

Unfortunately I am not yet 18 years old.

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Hellow there! I am a music producer and I’ve been working on music for about 2 years. I can make your desired music for your game. I just want to make music coz I want people’s success : )

Here are some of my recent works:

My Songs:

If you need a music producer for your project then I am interested to work with you.
You can contact me through discord: Chris Comstock#1755
or email: shadowstarkidmusic@gmail.com

hi i would apply for animator role ,if you want to discuss more explained just add me on discord YellowSmileKing#2151,thanks for attention :slight_smile:((OPENED)(Comms open) Lapa's portofolio)


He stated that it is a requirement to be 18+ for this position.

Side note, it’s illegal to be on PayPal if you’re not 18+.

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Are you looking for translators too? I’m interested in translating a big project like this. I’ll link my portfolio, my contacts are there. Since I’m not over 18 I accept payment in robux.

Hey Poke! I’m not over 18, but I do accept robux as and alternative payment! I’m a professional GFX Designer with almost 1 year of experience. Contact me on Discord for more info!


Can’t wait to start business with you!
Portfolio:[OLD MOVE TO NEW PORTFOLIO]Jxyvzz | Professional 3D Graphics Designer

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Hey Poke,

The project seems very interesting, I’d love to join the team as a Programmer.
Over the course of when I’ve started programming, I’ve done quite a few side projects, open-source contributions, and more. I’m the creator of a multipurpose, interactive, and customizable Discord BOT called ‘Gizmo’. He allows users to have a user-friendly dashboard from any web browser and could be used for a lot of commands ranging from categories from Moderation to Music, to Games, and more!

Besides that, I’ve publicly released projects such as a Chrome Extension that can turn web pages into dark mode upon your choice, a Music Visualizer, a multiplayer maze game (w/ levels), an AI called Blob, which can listen to you when you call its name, and a Theme on a code editor called VS Code that has accumulated over 315 installs, and 330 downloads!

Some Project Links:

https://puzzlr.tk/ ━━ may take some time to load, working on the speed!

I have experience in all, Lua, JavaScript, Python, C#, LaTex, and more. As I don’t want to fill up the stream here more, I’d love to chat more about my skills, the project, etc!

Contact me on Discord:

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Hi I’m Builder i would like to apply Heres my portfolio Necrophosy - Portfolio

Discord: Necrophosy#9321