(Open) 3D Modeler

My services are closed at the moment from the back up of requests. I will probably open back up again in about a week. Thank you!

Ok, my services are back up and ready to work.

do you accept percentages is that at the moment we don’t have robux?

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No, not at the moment but, I wish you luck finding a modeler.

ok thanks you know modelers who accept percentages?

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No, sadly I do not. You could try Natalie_Clabo. She might.

OK thank you very much I’ll ask him

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New models out. Come check them out!

Did you change your discord username? As I can’t add you

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Sorry, yes. Here it is: Celestial_Lyxtek#6235. Hope to discuss with you soon!

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Added you
30 charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Your Discord tag doesn’t work.
I’m looking for some 3d model armor to be made, if you could add me RoyalBandit#1846

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Sure thing. I’ll update that now. Thank you.

Hey! I love your models.

Are morphs something that you could model as well? More info here: [HIRING] 3D artist to model mythical monster morphs


No, sorry. I don’t do morphs right now.

Awesome work. Sent you a friend request on Discord.

Thank you, I’ll go check it out now.

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If you want you can contact me on discord and discuss there. It looks like your post was flagged.

Heyo! I wasn’t able to add you on Discord.I am interested in your services if you’re still available. Thanks!