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About Me

G’day! My animation services are finally available again! I specialize in R15 and custom rig animations with a good 3 years of on-and-off experience. Just a note before you consider commissioning me though, here’s what I do and don’t:

  • I do R15 default player rig animations
  • I do custom model rigging
  • I do custom rig animations
  • I don’t do R6 default player rig animations (I can do them I just despise R6 with a passion)
  • I don’t do video trailers, I’m not talented enough for that lol


You can view my old portfolio here to see some of my older work, but continue scrolling to view some of my latest content!

Here are some of my more recent animations

Loaf Bakery Kitchen Tutorial - YouTube
Click here for more animations I’ve previously uploaded to the forums.


My availability largely varies depending on my IRL circumstances but if you have a commission I’m mostly very flexible in terms of deadlines.


I only accept robux as payment at the moment. Prices are negotiable but my general rule of thumb is that all animations cost a minimum of 1k robux each. This of course isn’t the dead-set limit but I don’t appreciate the idea of animations being ‘easier to do’ than other forms of development so ‘they should cost less’ so please keep an open mind because this is not the case. :slight_smile:


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at:

Thanks for reading!


Hey there!

This stuff is really cool!

sent you a request on discord to talk about some animation work we’d love to work with you on.

Kind regards,