[OPEN] Bharamas Building Portfolio

About Me

Hey, I’m a 17 year old builder who goes by “Bharamas” with a few years of on and off building experience (exclusively in studio). I am planning to learn blender in the future but haven’t got round to it yet! :slight_smile:


Some of my commissioned builds are shown below:

Warehouse Map for "Seconds Till Death"

Prison Map for "Minion Freeze Tag 2

'Spooky Assets' for Map Revamp for "Seconds Till Death"

Some of my personal builds/projects are shown below (all in the last few weeks):

The Box - Showcase

The Box [Showcase] - Roblox

Room Eight - Showcase

Room Eight [Showcase] - Roblox

Low Poly

Random group of assets & snow varient:

Other stuff:



I’m currently able to work upwards of 4 hours a day due to the current global situation and the summer holidays.
Please keep in mind that I will only accept jobs that I feel comfortable doing as I don’t want to waste your time or my own.


Prices are negotiable and not set as I am currently unsure on how much I should charge for my work.
I will only accept robux in the form of group funds or shirt sales (you will have to pay the 30% tax yourself).


Either slip me a message here on the dev forum or contact me with my discord tag below:

Hope to talk to some of you soon :+1:


Great work, done very quick. Definitely enjoyed his work and would recommend!

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Portfolio has been updated with:
A commissioned prison map for “Minion Freeze Tag 2” By MonkrysGhost
A commissioned group of ‘spooky assets’ for a map revamp for “Seconds Till Death” by GoatRBX