[OPEN] BlueTheCreator's Commissions

Builder for commission!

Hello there! I am a recently returning roblox user, that has started developing again. I do mostly high-poly works, and I would consider myself best at modern exteriors of buildings and architecture. I am currently open for commission and would love to work for you, however I will not be doing long-term developing for a group. Instead please contract me for multiple commissions/assignments.



You can view my some of my builds here (Some of these are previous commissions and have been sold off):
Golf Le Fleur Homestore proj1 [WIP] - Roblox
verified drip proj [WIP] - Roblox
Ammunition [BETA] Test Place - Roblox
The Library of Will - Roblox
DPW - Roblox
raid - Roblox

It is worth mentioning most of these are WIP.

Images (Mid/Hi-Poly)

Here are a few screenshots of my recent works, I apologize for the clarity.

Images Low-Poly

Low-Poly Build - Roblox


I am available for a few hours everyday so feel free to question or message me anytime.


Prices are negotiable, I accept pay per asset. My preferred payment method is Robux. Here are my price tables:

Price Table

Mid/Hi-Poly Build: R$1,000-R$25,000*
Low-Poly Build: R$500-R$5,000*
*Please note all prices can and will be adjusted to fit the following parameters; Skill, Time, Detailing, Accuracy, Mesh-Making, Model-Making, etc,.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord @ will#4070.
(You can call me will :slight_smile: )


These images are kind of nice, but it’s still cool. How long did you make this?

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Which build are you referring to?

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The golf course thing, the building with a noob on it, like a Big Brother house next, another but with water and terrain, house and the hotel.

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Well the Golf Wang store took me a few hours spread over a week. The building with the noob, 45 minutes. The white homestore took me about 2-3 hours (for both). The garage took me about 2 hours. And the “hotel” is a USC library building, called leavey library, it is still a WIP, but the current work hours was about 3.

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Yeah, yeah I didn’t see the books in the Library so uhhhhh It looked like a hotel to me.

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Well, theres nothing in it… It is still a work in progress.

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Well, so will you tell me when its done and show me the library?

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Yes; I have currently halted development on it though as I am working on an FPS game.

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Nice work I really like the 4th build :+1:


I just hired Blue to create an asset for me. He got it done quickly and the quality was awesome.

Definitely recommend! :grin: