[OPEN] Expanding Portfolio, Free Builds

Currently: OPEN

Hey there, I am willing to do exterior design or building work for FREE in order to increase my portfolio size.


I am using my own time to build these and I will put in a deal of effort.
With that being said:
I will not do much of an interior.
I will not make excessive edits.
I will not do what is unreasonable for me.
I will not work for groups, studios, or for resale.
I will not handle disrespectful patrons, and I reserve the right to decline any projects/ patrons.

I look forward to see what type of challenges you behold for me; the best way to contact me is via;
but if you need my discord it is: will#4070

Don’t be afraid to submit something that maybe “too complicated” or “intricate” just send it, and I will let you know what I can do for you.

If you would like to view my portfolio please view my devforum profile


[OPEN] BlueTheCreator's Commissions

Thanks, the best regards! :smiley:

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I deleted my reply because I made a false statement in the reply.

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