[OPEN] Builder for Minigames

Discord username isn’t working for me.

I’d like to give this a shot! However, I first want to discuss this in more detail if that is okay with you!

I sent a request on Discord, here is my handle: Fomer#3002

It seems that isn’t Maxx_J’s current Discord handle, it is: Maxx_J#7549

The username was slightly off, but I’ve managed to find it by searching the username on Discord.


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Thanks for the correction; I did not realize this mistake while making my post.

Will it be required to script any part of the mini games made, or will you do that?

This seems like quite an interesting position, and I would like to talk to you about it further.
Added you on Discord and my username is Squidzyee#8896

Hey man! Hit me up! [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder I’m a builder.

I think that I can help you I’m Wizzardofazz#8707

I will be scripting the minigames

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Hey Im quite a decent builder and I haven’t really tried making any low poly builds if you are looking for those but I can take a shot at it. I will contact you on discord and discuss this in more detail.

Hello! i’ve just sent you a friend request on discord if you’re still looking for a builder. :slight_smile: HoodLess#9548

I sent a friend request on Discord, BK

Ooo, I’d actually be interested in building the obstacle courses!

Twitter: @yh8rblx
Discord: ari 愛#1965

Are you interested in a very talented composer? Music adds a whole different feel into a game I’m open for commissions, and I can make some pretty exquisite songs. Here’s my Portfolio. I am very interested in this game and see a good future in it with good tunes.

Hello, I would be interested in this job. Here is my Portfoilio Relivus || Builder and Modeler For Hire ||. I work well with low-poly and I get my jobs fast, done, and amazing quality. I’ve had experienced with many minigames before. DIscord: Relivus #5032

No. Music is one of the last things to be added during development. Durations of ingame activities largely determine the composition of music; as well as the activities taking place.

These are all subject to change early in the development cycle.

Would the obstacle courses be full blown maps?

They’d have the same size as Wsly’s deathrun maps or smaller, depends on the minigame; but that would be the largest possible size.

Sent a friend request on discord, I’m interested.

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