[OPEN SOURCE] Admin Panel


2 Days ago, @Profess_ional open sourced some UI Products. Yesterday @ProgrammerA10 and I made a few changes to the Admin Panel & Programmed it for all to use.

Today, I am open sourcing it to the public for all to use.

Some documentation on how this admin panel works.

Located inside the main script, AdminServerScript is the table for the UserID’s of the whitelisted users who are permitted to use the system.

Here, is where you can edit the messages sent to the user when warned, kicked, ServerBanned & GlobalBanned, as-well as the messages sent to the moderator when they use “Unban” and “Checkban” commands.

The moderator will open the admin panel after being whitelisted by using the chat command “!AP”, once the moderator has done so the admin panel will pop up. This is what’ll be shown to the moderator.

Warn User function will send a warning message to the user via chat displaying the message of,
Please cease your actions and play fairly, If you do not you will be banned.”.

If the moderator decides to kick a user, the following message will be displayed “You have been kicked by an administrator.”.


You have been banned from this server by an administrator.


You have been banned from this game by an administrator.

The moderator can always lift these bans by the following commands:

Checkban USER This’ll send a message directly to the moderator via chat saying whether or not that user is banned. It’ll as-well display if the player is ServerBanned or GlobalBanned!

unban USER This’ll send a message directly to the moderator via chat saying that the user has been unbanned, and it’ll unban the user. This works BOTH for ServerBan and GlobalBan

That’s all for today, if you have any concerns, comments or inquires, or something else I should open source make & open source, let me know!

AdminPanelSetup.rbxm (14.4 KB)

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Wow this is a better admin command then the old one that was before and it looks awesome.

Great stuff Profess_ional and ProgrammerA10


Yep! Profess_ional is a very good UI designer, and ProgrammerA10 defs was a efficient coder to work with on this


Cool and I really like the design, but I suggest using ModuleScripts for DataStores and what not, instead of just cramming everything in a server script - makes it less readable.


Well you guys did a awesome job with this keep it up you guys.


Thought of this but time was on the line and I wanted to get it done quickly. Will make edits to it in the future.


You two made an amazing job!


Good job to both of you! Nice UI.


This was a fun project! Thanks to Yeita for the opportunity!


Good job! I’ve been looking for a cool looking Admin Panel for a long time!
(procrastination isn’t a sin is it?)
Anyways, you guys wouldn’t mind if I added some stuff, right?


Of course not! Feel free to add whatever you want.


Could you make this so you can use Trello so you cqn do cool things like if someone in a police game leaves in cuffs it add a label to a card saying logged/reset?


If you direct message me details about this, I’ll see what I can do about programming something-alike but I won’t incorporate it in this.


To all asking: Feel free to remake/use assets, etc. It’s open source for a reason!


You all (@Profess_ional, @ProgrammerA10 and @Yeita) did an amazing job on this!

I’m definitely going to use this because when it comes to in-game administration I like to keep things simple