(Open) Cheap Builder

About Me
I’m asunoandkrito and I’ve got around a year of building experience. I don’t really specialize in any building styles. Since I’ve only got around 1 year of experience, I’m offering my services for very cheap. I’ve only made four builds. I will use free models to get the job done (only for windows and furniture, but I do occasionally make the furniture.)

My Work
The following two builds were for a SAO-like game that I built. Ones a bed room and the other’s a shop. The last two is an airfield office for my WW2 game and a french bar. Both include free models.
Game: My builds - Roblox
SAO Bedroom: Screenshot by Lightshot
SAO Shop: Screenshot by Lightshot
Airfield Building: Screenshot by Lightshot
French Bar: Screenshot by Lightshot

I only take robux and my prices are negotiable. For a building like the airfield office, I’ll take 50 Robux. Since I have many building errors, I’m willing to lower the payment. I’m also willing to build some buildings for free depending on what you want. Only the bigger ones cost Robux. If you want me to make furniture for the builds or want me to fill the build with free model furniture, then tell me. I’ll make free furniture for paid builds, but for free builds, it will cost 20 robux.

Why am I doing this
I need robux to hire people to make me systems for my game. Since I’m not getting any Robux anytime soon, I thought, "Why not just sell my services to earn some? "

Contact and Form
My discord is BlueHoodie#6298. Contact me there if your interested.

My builds will have building errors. You have been warned.

Thanks for reading this messy portfolio.


Hello? anyone? aw man its so lonely

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i dont think anyone interested oof

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Instead of hiring people to make you systems for your games, try finding people who are starting out like both you and me. If you look in #collaboration:portfolios there are tons of posts just like this post of people starting up trying to build a team.

I don’t really think so. 30 character

plus everyones looking for professional help, but i cant afford that. So that’s why i’m offering my services.

Your stuff looks really stolen.

I literally mentioned the furniture and windows are free models. Everything else i built myself

Why would anyone wanted a build that has free models when they could easily make it themselves ?

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Ok Apply that logic to this whole topic. Why hire someone when you can do it themselves?

Sorry, but the truth is that no one will hire you, it’s like hiring a person to turn their computer on for them, it is pointless and waste of robux for such a service that you provide. In order to make money, you need experience first, then you can think about earning money from your work not someone else’s work from tooblox. Maybe this sounds like hate, but it isn’t it’s just truth that I am telling you. Additionally you cannot legally sell work that contains other’s work without their permission. I personally didn’t start earning robux until I was experienced enough to do so, I also took peoples feedback on my work, until they would tell me that someone could buy that for robux. Everyone starts from somewhere right, however as beginner you should focus on learning, and improving your skills and overall experience rather than trying sell low-quality work. This is just my opinion that says truth, not hate. But I wish you best to get better at building, so you can actually get paid. Good luck!


no, the thing is they can’t build in that case, but pretty sure anyone can find free models

Why do you charge robux when you use free models? I do not recommend using free models either, because more people will want to hire you if you don’t. But I wish you luck!

this comment section is sad. (30 character)

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I know that I’m late on date but…

No offence, One year is quiet enough for learning building. You should be not using free models anymore, I’m very surprised that you still use free models after one year learning. That’s quiet waste of one year, My suggestion is You have to be learn building skill before offering services, Or you can learn and meet in Hidden Developers. They have a lot of intermediate, and experience builder. I wish you get better, Good luck! :slight_smile:

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dm me in discord: NvTheDeveloper#8022. if you agree to do 5 robux per obby level