Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

This is a summary of our forum rules. You can find the full rules list below this post.

Do not spam

Every reply must be meaningful, contributive, and on-topic. Do not re-post what others have already said, do not post memes or single-word posts such as “First!” or “bump”, and put effort into your posts. Use the Like button instead of replying “Thanks!” or other generic sentences. Do not circumvent any character limit requirements with clutter text. When replying to multiple posts, reply to all of them within one post instead of making an individual post for each response. Do not bump topics and do not post duplicate topics either.

Use the categories correctly

The forum categories can be found from the Categories page in the navigation bar. Each category has a pinned “About …” topic with important information about the category.

Be sure to open the category or subcategory fully and read the About topic and all other pinned topics before posting. They will describe the purpose of the category and instructions for using it. Anything that does not belong in a category or violates these instructions will be removed.

Do not behave inappropriately

Be polite. Aggression and profanity directed at other users are not allowed. Personal attacks and trolling are not allowed. Controversial subjects such as politics and religion are also not allowed. Profanity is not allowed in public sections. Content that is not-safe-for-work, including drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, is not allowed.

Do not discuss forum moderation actions outside of private messages with forum moderators.

Selling and trading direct or proxy access to the Developer Forum is forbidden. You may not make posts on behalf of other users unless explicitly allowed by that category. Do not solicit others to request donations or advertise, and do not solicit Roblox staff for any reason.

Three-Strike System of Moderation

We have a cumulative three-strike system on the Developer Forum with increasing punishments ranging from one-day suspension to permanent removal. Further details about the system, including strike length and duration can be found here.

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Announcing Three-Strike System of Moderation
Announcing Three-Strike System of Moderation
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Advice for new forum member?
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Hi Im New! I need Feedback!
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Invisible Unicode characters can be used to bypass the character limit

Three-Strike System of Moderation

We have a cumulative three-strike system on the Developer Forum that determines punishment lengths and types. Here’s a description of each strike and how you can receive them:

Strike One

Upon breaking some of the behavioral-related rules listed below, you will be sent a warning message by a member of the Developer Engagement Team. This warning comes with a 1-day suspension from the Developer Forum and counts as your first strike - you will be told very clearly that this is a strike. If you continue to break rules within 3 months of the first strike, you will be given Strike Two.

Strike Two

Upon continuing to break rules of the Developer Forum after receiving your first strike, you will receive Strike Two, which comes with another warning message and a 5-day suspension from the Developer Forum. After this point, continuing to break rules within 3 months of receiving your second strike will result in you receiving Strike Three.

Strike Three

Having accumulated a third strike within 3 months of your second strike, you will be sent a message notifying you of your permanent removal from the Developer Forum. Strike Three is a permanent removal from the forum and, depending on the severity of the issue, may result in moderation action against your Roblox account.

Special Cases

In certain cases, severe offenses can result in skipping Strike One and going immediately to Strike Two or Strike Three. We’ve created a table to better explain how rule-breaking correlates to strikes, located below the following rules:

Disclaimer: Moderators of this forum have the discretion to change/edit/delete any content they feel is inappropriate.


Broken Rules Matrix

Note: No preceding letters indicates Global Rules; “P” = Public; “BB” = Bulletin Board; “FR” = Feature Requests; “BR” = Bug Reports. For example, “BB4” would be Rule 4 of the Bulletin Board Specific Rules, and “4” would be Rule 4 of the Global Rules.
# Broken Rule Number of Strikes Punishment Given
12.1 Intended NSFW content 3 Permanent removal
17 Claiming others’ work as your own 3 Permanent removal
6 Extreme language / inappropriate language directed at other users 2 Suspension (5 days)
12.1 Unintended NSFW content 2 Suspension (5 days)
1 Trolling, flaming, personal attacks 1 Suspension (1 day)
2 Off-limits subjects 1 Suspension (1 day)
4 Insulting or derogatory posts 1 Suspension (1 day)
8 Complaining about forum moderation actions or feedback outside of DMs and/or replying inappropriately to these messages 1 Suspension (1 day)
8.2 Abusing the Flag system to maliciously hide posts 1 Suspension (1 day)
8.3 Abusing alternate accounts to boost stats 1 Suspension (1 day)
12 References to illicit content 1 Suspension (1 day)
16 Soliciting/advertising to others via PM 1 Suspension (1 day)
18 Disrespectful/impolite arguments 1 Suspension (1 day)
3 Straying off topic 0 Feedback
5 Meaningless/non-contributive response 0 Feedback
7 Spam posts/topics 0 Feedback
7.1 “What should I sell this for” topics 0 Feedback
7.2 “Rate my asset” topics 0 Feedback
9 Posting memes/puns/meme-related GIFs outside of the Lounge 0 Feedback
10 Posting on behalf of non-Developer Forum members outside of the Bulletin Board 0 Feedback
11 Bumping topics 0 Feedback
13 Using the Developer Forum for other users (acting as a proxy) 0 Feedback
15 Using the Developer Forum for donations and fundraisers 0 Feedback
15.1 Using the Developer Forum for investments 0 Feedback
19 Asset Moderation Appeals 0 Feedback
P2 Profanity in public section 0 Feedback
P3 Off-topic discussion in public topics 0 Feedback
FR1 Duplicate feature request 0 Feedback
FR2 Incorrect sub-category 0 Feedback
FR3 Nonconstructive feedback 0 Feedback
FR4 Memes/puns/meme-related GIFs 0 Feedback
FR5 Posting without using the required Feature Request format 0 Feedback
BR1 Duplicate bug report 0 Feedback
BR2 Incorrect sub-category 0 Feedback
BR3 Posting without using the required Bug Report format 0 Feedback
BB1 Posting off-site links 0 Feedback
BB2 Posting giveaways 0 Feedback
BB4 Posting profanity 0 Feedback

Please also note that receiving an unreasonable amount of feedback messages in a short period of time, especially for the same rule violation, puts you at risk of receiving a strike. This includes rapidly making low-effort posts.

Furthermore, note that strikes are given on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the team member issuing them. They may not strictly adhere to the table above.

If at any time you require assistance, have any questions or any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the Developer Relations Team. This includes: @DevEngagementTeam


Global Rule 1

1. This forum is designed to foster collaboration and communication in the Roblox developer community. All users are expected to be mature and civil. Trolling, flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  • 1.1 Personal attacks are when something negative is said about a person, rather than said about their behavior or their work. Even if the negative statement is true, personal attacks are not allowed here. Stick to posting constructive criticism about a person’s behavior or work. Posts containing criticism should also include suggestions for improvement. This rule applies to individuals, as well as to groups and teams.
  • 1.2 Mentioning users or games who you believe may be violating the Roblox Terms of Use counts as a personal attack. Do not bring disputes, accusations of scamming, etc. to the Developer Forum; no naming-and-shaming.
Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 2

2. There are certain things that should remain out of any and all replies or topics. These include (but are not limited to);

  • 2.1 Racism
  • 2.2 Hate speech
  • 2.3 Gender bias
  • 2.4 Politics
  • 2.5 Religion
  • 2.6 Discriminatory language

Posts and topics about these subjects will be removed and can result in forum suspension or outright bans.

Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 3

3. Keep discussion within the subject of the topic (stay on-topic). If you want to change the subject, create a new topic.

  • 3.1 Do not call out users for improper DevForum use on topics, as this is off-topic. Instead, flag their post for the Developer Engagement Team to handle.
Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 4

4. Disagreement and constructive criticism are welcome, but rude behavior is not. Insulting or derogatory posts will be deleted.

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Global Rule 5

5. Every reply should have a meaningful and contributive response.

Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 6

6. The private sections of the forum are mature enough for occasional swear words for emphasis. That said, do not direct swear words at other members or use sexual/extreme language.

  • 6.1 Directed swearing or extreme language is prohibited on all categories of the Developer Forum.
Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 7

7. Spam replies and topics will be removed. Do not post the same topic repetitively or repeat the same post within a topic. Spam includes posts like “bump” or “first” that do not add to the content of the discussion.

  • 7.1 Do not create topics asking how much you should sell or buy assets for; these will be considered spam.
  • 7.2 Do not create topics asking users to rate your assets. Asking for feedback is fine, but asking for a rating (e.g. X out of 10) will be considered spam.
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Clothing Design Feedback?
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How much should I charge for commissions? | Roblox Clothing Designer - CLOSED
Should I stop charging nothing for my commissions?
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Questions Regarding Logo Work
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Rate my minimalistic UI
Is this good? Rate 0-10! Give me feedback on what I should improve!
Should/Are alternative accounts be allowed on the Developer Forum?
UI Feedback (Egg Hatching System)
[Feedback] Roman Temple!
[OPEN] ♢Web Developer ♢Discord Bots
How well do you like these maps?

Global Rule 8

8. Do not make posts regarding Developer Forum moderation. If you disagree with moderation actions on the forum, discuss it in private with the moderators.

  • 8.1 Do not reply aggressively to moderation or feedback messages. If you want to discuss a moderation action or feedback message that you’ve received, you are expected to do so in a civil manner. Inappropriate, derogatory, or offensive replies to these messages will result in punishment.
  • 8.2 Do not abuse the Flag system to maliciously hide posts.
  • 8.3 Do not create artificial forum activity, such as using alternate accounts to like your own posts.
Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 9

9. Posts consisting of memes, puns and meme-related GIFs, should only be posted in the Lounge categories, and are not appropriate outside of Lounge. (Lounge is only accessible for Regulars)

Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 10

10. In every category except Bulletin Board, you may not post on behalf of non-Developer Forum members.

Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 11

11. Do not bump old topics. You should only reply to older topics if you have significant new information to add to the discussion.

Return to Broken Rules Matrix

Global Rule 12

12. Our community is gauged for Developers aged 13 years and older. Therefore there should not be any references to illicit or extreme content anywhere on the Developer Forum. This includes (but is not limited to) adult content and use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

  • 12.1. You may not post NSFW/adult content on the Developer Forum. Intentionality is a factor - anything that is borderline or questionably NSFW will be considered unintentional, whereas any post that is very clearly NSFW will be considered intentional. The punishments for both differ, as you can see in the Broken Rules Matrix.

Global Rule 13

13. You are not permitted to accept any kind of payment for using the Developer Forum by proxy. This includes creating topics or replies for another user. Additionally, you may not sell access to features you obtain through membership, such as Beta User features available to those in the Developer Forum. Engaging in these activities will result in immediate removal from the Developer Forum.

  • 13.1 You may make topics in the Bulletin Board section for other people, provided you are not doing so in exchange for money or anything else.

  • 13.2 You may not make any other type of topic for other people.

Return to Broken Rules Matrix
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Temporarily, can we be allowed to post bug reports on behalf of others
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Global Rule 15

15. You may not use the Developer Forum to request donations, whether it be in Robux, real-world currency, or otherwise, or perform fundraising endeavors.

15.1 You may not use the Developer Forum to ask for or offer monetary investments, whether via Robux or real-life currency.

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Global Rule 16

16. Do not solicit other developers or Roblox employees to advertise products, services, or anything else.

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Global Rule 17

17. Do not claim credit for work that you did not create. This includes, but is not limited to: building, scripting, compositions, animations, 3D models, and artwork.

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Public Section - Rule 1

1. The updates section of the forum is readable by the public, and therefore has tighter rules regarding commenting. Normal forum rules apply, but there are several guidelines specific to this section that will be enforced strictly. Any violation of guidelines will result in immediate action.

Return to Broken Rules Matrix