Open Cloud Inventory and Groups API, Plus an Upgraded Doc Site

Got it. So to summarize, the request here is that it would be useful to have an endpoint that takes an API Key secret and returns whether it is valid or not? Or are you also asking to return the UUID somehow? Just trying to clarify what is desired :grinning:


But the question is why don’t they just make it a feature instead of telling us that we aren’t supposed to automate it :slight_smile:


My python library now has support for the Inventory and Group APIs! You can check it out here:


Could this API also support group inventories if it does not, this would be a great use to me and possible some of my future projects.


Nice update! I think for a start, this is great. Transitioning familiarity from one API to another always has a learning curve. With that aside, majority use-cases fall under group update roles (user & batch users). Not a ton that I can immediately support in my library overhaul until that functionality is eventually added.

That being said, super useful for quick-lookups that don’t cost a ton.


I would prefer the UUID one as you can return an error if its invalid


This is cool and just what I needed, thanks for making it!

I believe there is a bug with credentials owned by groups. I am experiencing authorization errors though on the group endpoints. If I go into the Postman docs and send a request with the same OpenCloud API key I use for other requests owned by a group, after granting it the Groups permission, I get a 401 with the error

{ "code": "UNAUTHENTICATED", "message": "Unsupported authorization method." }

If I change one character in the API key, I get a different 401:

Invalid API Key.

This happens with both public and private groups. I also tried to regenerate a fresh group-owned key and saw the same errors.

However, if I go into my individual account and then generate a credential the exact same way, it works fine.

Thanks for taking a look at this!


I honestly expected the ability to set users’ group ranks via the API when it was announced earlier in the year.

Please add the ability for us to set group ranks of members in the group with the API. It would help a ton as my staff has to manually rank certain players that meet criteria and whatnot.


This new one does not fix anything. Users need the permission to change group roles without sharing cookies (automatic ranking). Until then, I doubt this will ever be used.


Hmm just looked through the documentation and it doesn’t seem like we specified it anywhere but Group API Keys are not supported for either of these APIs as of right now. Only User API Keys can be used. We’ll update the DevForum post and docs to specify this limitation.

This is the error returned when the API Key is just straight up invalid (which is the case here since you changed a character in it)

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Great work, but the Group API is underwhelming, especially with the time it took to get it. It would be great if we had the ability to WRITE to the group.


Downloading place files would be a little dangerous imo


Yes, we’re working on this for Data Stores! Moving cross-server messaging to cloud/ isn’t currently being worked on, but we would like to do it eventually.

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I’m glad I saw this.

I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but I noticed today on both Chrome, Firefox and mobile that I can’t access any more than 100 of my models in the My Inventory section. 25+ pages of models seem to be gone, as the ‘page next’ is disabled at page 4 (100 items). This affects my development considerably to apparently have lost access to a vast majority of the models in my inventory.

Other people are having this issue as well in other categories, as seen in this bug report.

Apologies if it is a coincidence, but between seeing seeing ‘100 requests/min per API key’, your example matching so closely to the parameters of the bug report(s) - this certainly caught my eye.

Is it Open Cloud issues? I have been having issues lately like every instance of my search bar site-wide being turned into a live log-in field, and now as a site end-user am losing access to significant chunks of My Inventory to apparent rate-limiting to max 100 items.

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The Open Cloud Inventory API is unrelated to how the information on the “My Inventory” page is populated. Not sure why this error is currently occurring but I know the website can sometimes be flaky at times (which is why it is preferred to use the Open Cloud APIs if possible :sweat_smile:).

Not sure exactly what you mean by this. Could you could explain a bit more on what this issue is?

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Sure, it started a few nights ago when I accepted a game invite from a friend and when the player launched and I joined the game - it was on my main account, which I wasn’t logged into at the time. This alarmed me (and my friend too to see someone show up that he didn’t know and hadn’t invited), and I found a thread here where others were having that issue and made a post there:

Chrome now thinks the search bar is the login page

It was fixed for a few days, but now it is back along with not being able to access My Inventory past page 4 (100 items) in any category.

I’m not sure why this posted twice, sorry about that!

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Hmm these are pretty strange issues. Both of these are definitely not related to Open Cloud but I would just make sure to follow up on the respective Bug Reports so that the appropriate engineers can work on fixing them as soon as possible! :grinning:


Oof, I just spent 30 minutes trying to debug why my key wasn’t working, good to know I wasn’t the only one encountering this issue.

Hello! I tried posting this in the Feature Requests part of the forum, but I cannot post there, so I had to redirect my feature request here.

Currently, the only way to see when a user has purchased or obtained an item is to use the Economy API, which is undocumented, unsupported, and requires the user’s cookies. Knowing when a user obtained an item could be helpful in certain cases. For instance, if you have a game pass that you sell seasonally, but you want to reward users who bought it earlier than other users. It would be nice if this data were made available in some way, even if it would require authorization from the user.

When could we expect the ability to change a user’s rank using Open Cloud? After the recent additions with universe/place and assets this is the only thing preventing us from fully adopting Open Cloud and removing the bot.