[OPEN] Dactyl Games Seeking Dev Team Members

About Us

I am the sole programmer and lead of this project. I have been working on the scripts in this project for many months, designing and implementing the current systems. I would estimate my work is around 60% complete for the first version of the game. I am a full time college student in my 3rd year, so I may not have constant availability (but at the very least, daily). We currently have a small team that are connected through our Discord server.

I will be completely self-funding this project.

About The Job

I am seeking help with the following:

  • Building (the world, which will be somewhat large)
  • Modeling (blender assets, like tools and some of the world)
  • Images (graphics, thumbnail/icon)
  • Animation
  • Lore
  • Other, if you are interested feel free to apply for something not listed.

The style will be medieval, and most of the building will be low poly. For the first version of the game, terrain will be made using base parts.

All creations should be appropriately named and organized. I should receive frequent progress updates to ensure the work is yours, and to make sure you are going in the right direction.

General knowledge of Runescape or other classic MMORPG’s would be helpful. You should be able to effectively communicate and respond in reasonable time.

I am seeking a team. This means I want partners who will keep the overall balance, quality, and state of the game in mind. If you are looking for quick money, this is probably not for you. With that considered, it would also be ideal if this is the only major project you are working on.

Other helpful qualities:

  • Able to take criticism
  • Able to stick to constant progression
  • Strong ability to communicate consistently
  • A professional attitude


Payment will be in robux, and proportionate to your individual contribution. Revenue percentage is a possibility for long-term work.

To show me your work, you should submit a link for one of the following:

  • A Roblox place with your assets in it
  • Your portfolio
  • An image album
  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube

How much are you planning to pay out for builders, animators, etc? If you could please give a rough estimate on how much you’re spending on developers and how big of a work load they’ll get.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve sent my response, I could post my portfolio there, so here it is!:



I couldn’t post multiple gifs, so I had to do it here.


As much as necessary, and as much as possible.

If a developer is capable of handling a bigger work load, or creating more sophisticated assets, I will most likely push them to do that. And they will be compensated accordingly, based on the amount and the complexity of the assets. I can make specific judgements on an individual basis.

Remember that I am looking for team members, who are interested in a more long-term arrangement.


I am interested In the Lore , UI/UX (if you need) and Modeling.

Hello Tank here and i just submitted an application and i was wondering if you would contact me on discord at Tank#2911 so i could show my models off since the portfolio is pretty old and doesn’t show any 3D models so please do that if you need me.

Nitro recently ran out ,

New @ is 4Data#2786

hi dactyl !

i’ve commissioned for you before, and we’ve chatted on discord… if you still need devs, i’m available !

Could you update your portfolio?

I’ll start looking through applications later.

Highly Recommend working with @Patodactyl Very Nice and Fun to work with!

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I would assume you also need UI designers? if so, feel free to DM me on discord. AmazingJake987#8919

I applied for the Lore position, you can contact me at discord Fahanxoxo#3065

I would like to apply, are you looking for a composers?

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Mainly the positions in the form, but if you’re interested in the project then I could possibly fit you in.

Applications are still open!

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Please remember to read the post fully before applying. I can answer any questions :slight_smile:

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I applied to work as a world builder I hope to work with you soon! :smiley:

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Hello I am Celestial_Dev, I am a low poly map designer and I also do realistic designs, I have been building for 3-5 years and I am a 3rd year university student as well, but I do have a good availability time.

This is my Portfolio

I have also created a few games myself such as Blox to life, Back flip simulator, and a front page game Boxing simulator.

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Sent you a request on Discord.

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Also, I come with my own team of Devs who does modelling

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have you submitted an application?

your team of devs should also submit applications.

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