(OPEN) deadsnapy 3D modelling

About Me

Hey guys, I’ve just received the message of becoming a member! this was great to me but now I am here to offer support to others and also hopefully get help from you guys as well.


Here are some screenshots of my work



I am available afternoons and the weekends


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay if I’m working on long term/short term projects and also per asset. My preferred payment method is through robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord; my username is AngryKillz#0409

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi, I think you should add more details about yourself and explain what you can do, maybe adding more images? I think you could improve the well with wedges and corners.

Edit: you seem like a good builder. but you have to improve.

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Hey I like the water well you made but I think you can improve it either by polishing it a bit more or get into mesh creation. It’s so much quicker (in some cases) and your finalized product will look exactly as you want it to.

Hello! Welcome to the developer forums! One thing I could suggest to you is that when building a portfolio to add more detail to your writing and show off more of your work. The only thing I’m seeing on this post is that you’re new, and you know how to build a well. You could add what times you’re available to work, more about your Roblox background, what do you specialize in, etc…

Anyways, welcome, and best of luck on your future career!


Thx for the tips guys, I will try to do what you’ve told me but I’m new to the whole “making meshes” thing. Do you mind teaching me how to make a mesh?

Do you mind showing me how to polish and make meshes?

also is there a way to add onto the portfolio or can you only make new ones?

Try using Blender (https://www.blender.org/), this is what most modelers use for making meshes.
Also if you want to add to your portfolio just click on the pencil icon on the top right of your post, it should look like this

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Hey, I suggest to wait a bit and gather some project before uploading your portfolio, also I think you should learn how to texture and learn how to use blender! finally change the title to something like '(OPEN) deadsnapy 3D Modelling portfolio!"

This is a very quick very simple video on how to make basic terrain. Later on when you get more familiar you can move in to doing you’re own thing. I’m dead serious I started about 3 days ago and already making my own weapon meshes(not the same but just an example)

image image

Hi there! Welcome to the Developer Forum. There’s some things you can add to your portfolio:

  • Add more photos of your work we want to see what your fully capable of

  • Tell us a bit more about yourself (not on a very personal level) a good acquaintanceship is a great start to working with someone.

Other than that, decent start, keep working hard!

Hello, and welcome to the DevForum! (I remember when I received my “Member message”, it was amazing)

I highly recommend you to master your abbilities before creating a portfolio (there are a few topics on the forum about this), that will allow you to have more customers and a better impact on your readers.

Some posts I’d recommend you to check out:


I hope that your journey as a developer does well.
Good luck!

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Thx for all your advise and feedback guys! Hope your development goes well.

I’m too unadvanced to follow that video

I only just downloaded blender, I’ve got the movement down but that’s it

As I probably should, I’m going to go through multiple blender courses.

Thanks for all your support recently, I am now working on blender and making UGC hats.

An example so far: