[OPEN] FrostedMatt | UI Designer and Scripter | Opened for commisions

About Me

Hi there! I’m FrostedMattRBX! You can call me FrostedMatt, I am an intermediate scripter and builder, and experienced in UI designings. I’ve helped quite amount of people in developing, so feel free to contact me when you are in need :slight_smile:


Where and what I’ve developed before?

The other groups aren’t big so I won’t list them out.
Here’s most of the works I’m proud of:

  1. GUI Design for Train Throttle

  2. Platform information screen

  3. RoDropper (A game I made that was abounded)

    Play it here: RoDropper [BETA] - Roblox

  4. Trollmatized (A game I’m working on)

  5. Train Station Build

  6. Loading Screen that I’ve done for fun

  7. E to sit system made for an Airline

  8. Hong Kong International Airport

  9. Hotel intro commission

  10. Plane windows design for a 787-8


I am available for around 5-7 hours a day (weekdays), and available for 3-7 hours a day (weekend), my timezone is HKT (GMT+8) but I usually stay up in midnight so it doesn’t matter.


Payments are negotiable, I do not request much, but if will be great if you can pay me based on the quality I’ve done for you. The paying method I accept is Robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at FrostedMatt#3481

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I see you do airport, but do you think you can do a cafe/juice bar.

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This looks free modelled.

Is it?

Interested, I want to do an airlines - contact me: FireStreamGun#4162

I think I can, just DM me on discord and I can talk to you about that

You’ve completely ignored me now I more think that you used free models.

So ignoring = using free models? LOL