[OPEN] GFX and Logo commissions


Hello! I’m Lie_Star (previously known as Blondy). I’m a designer. I make PFPs, banners and other types of works. I’ve been making GFXes for about three years. I’ve also been making logos for over a year, but recently tried to add them into my portfolio. I don’t know what prices should I put yet, so they’re negotiable at the moment


Here are some my GFX works:

Personal artworks



YouTube thumbnails

Roblox Ads

Game Icons

Game Thumbnails

Here are some my Logo works:

Examples of Logos


You can write me anytime. I usually answer as soon as I go online. Work takes no more than 2-3 days, but sometimes if I’m busy or have a lot of commissions it can take about a week. I can refuse your order if I’m sure that I cannot do it or do not want to.


I accept Robux payment by T-Shirts (taxes included in final price) and I accept USD payment by Boosty.


Simple GFX – 2143:robux:or 5$
Detailed one – 2857+:robux:or 7$+ (DM me and I will tell you final price for you order)

Logo – 2857+:robux:or 7$+ (DM me, so we can negotiate a price)

(price in robux is calculated and rounded at the exchange rate of 1 :robux: = 0.0035$)


You can contact me on Discord Lie_Star#3453 or via Twitter at: @Lie_StarIsChill. If you don’t have any of them, you can DM me on DevForum.


Blondy is very talented and amazing at a very cheap price!
If you’re looking for a drawing or gfx I STRONGLY recommend him!


I’m actually quite impressed by the effort put into your artworks. I can see that you put a lot of effort into your artwork, but I’m surprised by how much Robux it costs. It’s extremely cheap, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to increase the prices. I’m also pretty sure 250 Robux is valued way less than 3$, as well as the detail version. The lighting is very dope, and I have to admit, I’d say your art is worth way over 250 or 300 Robux, 3$ or 4$.


Vouch! I love your work especially the pfps with the 3D clothing!


Thank you so much for feedback! Honestly I’m trying to make the price not very big, because no one would buy my works, also with current prices everyone can afford it, but I’m gonna think about making prices higher

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Wow, it’s awesome! I really like this!


I hope you don’t mind but I have a small question.

How did you get this toon shading? I’ve tried multiple attempts but I can never seem to be satisfied with my results.

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You need to enable Freestyle



@Lie_Star has amazing work for really cheap!

and she is very nice :smile:

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Great service!!
The GFX I ordered was smooth and everything, I got exactly what I wanted.

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Great graphics designer, cheap and quality work, lie is nice too!

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Good stuff! You might wanna denoise stuff tho

wdym by denoise?


it’s so the GFX don’t look so grainy

I know what denoise is, but where do you see undenoised renders? I used denoise on all of them, except of eevee renders

this one seems kinda noisy

It has denoise, I just didn’t put a lot of samples there

Prices are now include taxes and also I removed group funds payment method.