[OPEN] Hiring a builder to create a map

About me

Hey. I am CodedCosmetics & I am an experienced developer. I am currently working on a brand new project and therefore I am looking for a great builder who can join my team.

About The Job

I am looking for a professional builder to join my team for an upcoming game. This game is going to be heavy advertised and therefore most likely a successful game in the end. Therefore I am requesting a builder who was tons of experience in building the perfect map

The project is expected to be made and finished during 2020. However, this might take longer and the dates are not final.


I am paying 400,000 R$ for the map. My preferred payment method is group funds. I will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created.

Contact me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum with a preview of your building style and pervious builds


hello, my discord (if you have it) is hallowseve_#5803, and if not i can contact you on here, hopefully to see you then!

Hey there, I’m interested. If you have discord you can add me @ sureloxx#7985. If not that is fine. Here is my portfolio: [Open] Builder/Scripter

what map is it?..

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Hi I am a builder with 6 years of experience. I have had a lot of requests for maps/bars/cafes/hotels. Please check out my past examples below. If needed, I have more examples of different styles of build. If you are interested, please contact me at (Unique#2978).


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move your portfolio and make a topic around it ima flag you

Sorry man, I just woke up :sweat_smile:

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nah man its okay :eye: :nose: :eye:

Part map and no terrain involved

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Hello I am ItsJaku a notable roblox developer :smiley:
i have worked on Epic minigames, speed race,Roblox and some other games!
My discord is ItsJaku#8933 if you are interested :wink:

Please send your previous work on DMs here

Add me on discord: UNITED_Lacker#4037 , I design maps as my main job, I work for a themepark and a big military group with almost 700K members, DM me if interested. I will respond within 24 hours.

Check out my portfolio! My tag is: J.#8287 (Discord)

I have contacted you on the Roblox developer forum, I am very interested in helping you out. Hopefully you are still looking for builders. I have linked my portfolio on the message

Hopes to work with you :slight_smile:

Interested in the position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800 if you want to discuss there. Here is my portfolio. (CLOSED)[Builder Portfolio] crafter585 | Builder for Hire

I’d like to help out, however I’m available for around 4 hours a day, here is my Twitter if you’re interested in what I do https://twitter.com/DebrubenRBLX

Five long years of experience.

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