[OPEN] [Hiring Programmer/ Discord Bot developer+]

Please keep the following in mind before posting:

Hello! I am Power, currently owning a Restaurant community/Group- now and I am currently needing, a 1 programmar, and a Bot developer+. One to do a bot and with 3 features, and a moderation commands. And the programmar, to do a automatic bot, that can automatically post shouts, on the restaurants group and more information, will be explained, throught on the jobs. " "

Job Recruitment Template

About Us

Hi, there! We are Frenches American dinner Restaurant! A Small Restaurant Community. And Currently, needing a 1 programmer, and a bot developer+. for 2 things, that we need for you to do, on our Restaurant Group/Server, and more information, Will be explained further on the jobs. " "


@username - Discord bot developer+
@username - Programmar

About The Programmar Job

You, will be doing a bot, on our restaurants group. That can automatically, post shouts and more information will be explained throught the project. " "

About the Discord Bot developer+ Job

You, will be doing somestuff on our restaurants communications server, on doing 3 assets; 1. “Welcomes people in the server”. 2. “Member counter, counts the members each time there join the server. And how many members they’re in total from each one who joins”.

But please note! That you must have 1/2years, of experience as a programmar/Discord Bot developer+ on to show dedication, if you are skilled for each jobs.


We will, only be paying you through, via Robux per assest will add up on to the payment. And the further options, we could accept as the payment on via Robux: Group funds - Only through, a half of the payment is needed. Robux game pass, will receive the full payment, in time or so depends, and payment will be decided, on the complexity of the projects.

Contact Us

You can friend me on via Discord; joshgamer11009#7318 . Then contact me on via Devfourm private message, replying with your Discord username/tag, that you have friended me on. Will help me on to know, who is friending me for. ;D

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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