[OPEN] Ic_yDev | UI, Gamepass, Logo, Builder

About Me

Hi Developers! I’m Icy and I moslty do UI designs and Gamepass Icons. Im started doing designs since last year and I got commissions and made them very well, as a devforum member I want to make my own portfolio to make my commission much wider.


You can view my works here : www.twitter.com/Ic_yDev

UI Designs



Gamepass Icons


Logo Designs

Low-Poly Maps

Game Thumbnail

Game Icons



I am available for 10-15 hours a day, I can finish my commission atleast 3-7 days maximum is 2 weeks depends on complexity.

Payment Information

I do ask for upfront payment as I keep getting scammed when I’m working before payment, also I don’t accept % as a payment unless you have experience in developing games.

I charged 10k+ Robux or 35+ USD For 500x500 Low-Poly Map, and 2.5k Robux or 9$ For Themed Maps (Like in simulator games)

Commission Sheet


You can contact me in here in Developer Forum or in
Discord : Icy.#4440
Twitter : twitter.com/Ic_yDev

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I can one vouch for Icy as an amazing UI Artist, his work is astonishing and he will get it done, not only that, Icy also knows how to build and also model, within these 2 years I’ve known him he’s taken his time to learn aspects of developing, and he’s mastered those 3 components, I am vitally glad we were worked on a few projects back in the days, he was a very motivated, stable, and passionate developer and still! I recommend my friends commission’s he will get the work right and done, at the time you expect it!


You have a lovely portfolio :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: 30 chars

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Ic_yDev made some amazing UIs for my group Burger Queen, they are some of the best I have seen and I would strongly recommend hiring him! His prices are also very good for the standard he provides :smile:

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Sent discord friend request for Ui

Very nice work! Totally worth the price.

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These are amazing. You really do inspire me. Can you tell me what you use? I use Photoshop but I’m not sure of that’s the best option.


I use photoshop on making my work too.

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Just received my UI commission back from Icy. Work is top notch and he was able to bring what I had in my head to life. In times I wasn’t sure the best layout he provided examples and solved many of the problems I couldn’t think through. Quality is as good as I’ve seen on this forum. Highly recommend and I’ll certainly use again for any future needs of my game.

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Added new commission works I’ve made this week!

Forgot to say this a while ago but I vouch icy. Amazing UI designer, highly recommend.

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Uploaded a few pictures of my latest commission. Be sure to check it out!

Quality gamepasses and work! Also made me a small but cool simulator map :smiley:
I vouch for Ic_y.

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Added New Gamepass Icons, made for @Masked_Blaze for his upcoming game Trident Simulator!

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I can vouch for Icy, they made me some gamepass icons and they were very quick with the commission.

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I can vouch for him too, did an amazing Game Icon for me. The design was done in 1-2 hours. Amazing workspeed and quality. I definitely recommend him!

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Made a Game Icon for @ByGoalZ, I have fun making this icon!

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Very cool guy! Fast and fair prices!

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Posted my latest works, check them out:

Game Icons:

Game Thumbnail: