[OPEN] Jam Ent. Hiring [100k-400k+][$200-$800+] Developers for anime game! (Builders, modelers, scripters, etc)

I’m interested I send you
friend request : Vojta#7167

Aren’t interested on a spanish translator? Mr.8#7932

Are you guys interested on a spanish translator, My prices are so cheap in this moments dm me if would be interested Mr.8#7932 .

It’s ok, when the game is out, well consider me, im a cheap one i need experiene to can rise in localization worlds lo.

I am interested in being a scripter! And could you add me or reply with the new discord tag so I can add you?

Could you add me? My tag is Kadrava#7946. Yours is not working.

Hello, I’m interested for the scripter role. DM me. JoeyThisDude#0638

PS. Your discord tag doesn’t work

Hi I’m interested to I’m a ui designer add me so I can show my work


Intrested, contact me via discord: laughingeevees#8659.

View my work here: https://hn1999rr.wixsite.com/laughingeeveesbuild
(Yes it’s a wix website)

After seeing the comment section, I’d like to not be part of this anymore.

Are you in need of a composer/audio designer?

Apparently the discord didn’t work? Add me on discord. TypeByte#4715

Here’s my work! TypeByte - Building Portfolio (CLOSED)

About logo and banners, do you need 2D artwork or GFX?

I’m Interested! I’m UI Designer Dan999plus | UI Designer

Discord: Zoxian#7341

(I can’t send you request. I think u changed your name/tag)

I would love to work in this new studios that you guys have but, unfortunately, it does not say that there are needs of an animator which I am. :frowning: If you are hiring animators please let me know I’m always active.

Hello I am interested my discord is sureloxx#7985. Your discord does not seem to be working.

im interested in building for your team

Do you need a music composer?

Can’t add u in dizzy. Ur username is wrong?

Hello! There are many replies on this post and probably wouldn’t even get to an assistant builder, but I’m going to still try.

Your discord tag didn’t work so you can add me at: lucaz#3606

Here’s also my portfolio from my works [RE-OPEN] Lxcazettx | Low-poly Builder

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