[OPEN!] Looking for a Builder to create a WW2 Fort [70K ROBUX]

Building opportunity

Irrelevant information about me

I’m the Head Developer for Canada 1940s which is who you will be working for. I mainly code.

About the job

  • You will design a training camp/raiding map in one, an example of how this can be done will be given if you are selected

  • The map will be based in Canada and will need to be terrain based

  • There will be a main fort over by a river which can be used by a future navy with a cross-bridge to get across the river to the main map. Outside the fort will be a civilian area which needs to be designed to bring maximum protection to them from Raiders (good design of walls/pathways to keep army next to them) Across away from the Fort will be a City which should be the main point for the Raiders (they need to have a path that goes straight to it so they focus on the city more) Around the city should have a few checkpoints which can be held with a main flag in the middle of it. Further down will be an encampment of trenches and an underground bunker for the raiders to spawn in

  • The map will need lots of trenches, pathways for tanks and vehicles as well as a river going through main parts of it to have the Navy involved. You will need to come up with a design (on paint or photoshop) which can then be agreed/altered to ensure a design that is up to standards with the sort of map we want

  • You will work on a team-create map to ensure progress and quality checks are met. Be ready to send a portfolio when you apply


  • Unfortunately, due to budget cuts (new technology we are developing), we have a budget of just R$70,000 for this map. We hope this can satisfy most but if not then sorry

  • Payment will be given after the map is complete


  • We have a strict deadline of just one-month maximum to get this complete, any earlier is a bonus. We will not pressure you however we do expect you to be reasonable with how long this should take you

If you wish to apply, message me on the DevForum
Thank you for reading, happy developing!



I am Interested

I am a 3d modeler (blender) and builder too.

Some of the examples:



Do you have discord?
Can you paypal?

My Discord tag:

Hello my good sir, I am more than interested in this. I am a known WW2, BA, TBA builder. Message me on disc, and I’ll link you pics of my work. Deiusively#9477

If you’re interested, please contact me through DevForum messages so we don’t clunk the thread up.

@Delusively @IllustriousEntity

I was just so much angry while reading this (you can’t Imagine because you got 5 likes on your post I will say you acted very unprofessional because you could have just messaged me)

but I will take it easy because humans make mistakes.

I am gonna destroy this whole man career JK xD

Actually this tank is from WW2 called Panzer3 I did it for a client and even anybody will know Its my work to get it the same shape because I was paid for it.

Now time for some proof: I got every version of my model because I usually save my model after some progress with a new name because you never know when you want to go back to your previous version

Take a look at the dates and even time :slight_smile:

This is the same model ( which I created ) with low verts wheels because my client did not wanted that much details in wheels

For wheels:I created these separate with the help of boolean

Proof of dates in which they were created:

There is no .blend format in this website for this model

The website you mentioned:

Some Differences between these models: Also my model is textureless

My Model in edit mode:

The model from website in edit mode:

More More Differences:

I am very sorry if I acted bad but idk because this was my first time encountering this type of situation.

To those who liked and the guy who replied with “:rofl:” emoji
Do some research

and final final final proof I posted about it several days ago in devforum
Link:Feedback on this Tank made it in Blender

Well I hope next time you will act professional and call out any person in the message instead of posts like these

Please ignore the grammar mistakes :slight_smile:

I am very sorry if I acted bad but idk because this was my first time encountering this type of situation.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


My bad, sorry for any problems I have caused you. I apologise sincerely.


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