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:memo: About Me

Hello! My name is Nick, and I currently am a professional scripter, providing scripting services. I specialize in all types of programming. I have been scripting on Roblox for around two years. I mainly use Visual Studio Code & Rojo to collaborate on different projects but can use Roblox Studio if necessary. Much of what I can make is not only demonstrated in these examples, various other scripts are also possible to make, just shoot me a message to find out.

I am capable of adjusting to different workflows but I may take some time to learn the framework accordingly! I am also familiar with and can work with many frameworks and commonly used modules such as Rodux, Roact & Roact17, Knit, etc. My workflow usually consists of a large number of tools made by other developers in the open-source community to enhance my workflow, such as Wally (luau package manager), Tarmac, Selene, GitHub, Luau LSP, etc. I have much experience with groups, most notably Teethyz Dentistry and Club Iris.

Please note that a good amount of this work does not reflect my current abilities, especially in the examples section. I have mainly been working on back-end programming, however my front-end programming has also improved. My code examples reflect much of what I am currently doing.

Listed in the drop-down are examples of scripts that I have made.

Club Iris


Trading System

Inventory and Backpack System

Catalog System

Introduction UI

Code Examples
Listed in the drop-down are snippets of actual code that I have written.


ci action · GitHub
Leaderboard Service · GitHub
shaking button roact17 component · GitHub
matchmaking · GitHub
Notification Manager · GitHub

More specific examples including other classes & modularized code will be added onto this list in the future. This is simply a display of how I usually organize my code within projects.

Other Information


In regards to payment, I do only accept payment in Robux and not PayPal, unfortunately. Robux payments can range anywhere from as little as 3,000 R$ to as much as 1,000,000+ R$.

I am able to accept a percentage (%) as a form of payment if the game seems very promising, or the game is already doing well on Roblox.

Payment Method: :moneybag: Robux

Contact Me

Discord Tag: nick#2007
ROBLOX Username: nickglazed


Commission Status: Open :white_check_mark:
I am currently taking commissions from anyone that is in need of my services.


Love the scripts! I will have someone contact you soon. :blush:


Dam, your work looks really good, I’m currently working on a project and I’ll 100% take you into consideration. I’ll keep this bookmarked!

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Sounds good! Thanks for the feedback. <3

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Contacted you, my name is Nv#2008

Add me back: 卄ㄩ几ㄒ乇尺#3768 . I would like to commission you for a small but amazing project our team is designing.

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Nice work! I have sent you a friend request on Discord and I am interested on hiring you to be a long term scripter in my development studios. At the moment I am flat broke therefore you and all other of my devs will get a percentage of the group’s income

Commissions are open! I am accepting both short-term and possible long-term work, depending on the circumstance.

Direct Message me on Discord at nick#2007 if you are interested! :slightly_smiling_face:

Portfolio Update

Some more information has been added to the About Me section, and I have replaced one of my code examples!