[OPEN] Professionial Builder For Hire

That’s what he’s supposed to do. Like it or not, he has to know what’s the devforum actually used for and what’s the community feels like. If he wanted to get hired, at least have the effort to try making a devforum account by his own.


I agree with @madclips.
As I said, you should stop dictating this person for no reason let him do what he what’s

is there something so irritating to you that you cant let me just let my friend get hired?

Let him help his own friend like jeez dude.

I’m just reinforcing the devforum rules. If that doesn’t count as helping idk what.

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It’s what I’m supposed to do. If you want to complain about the rules message someone who works in making the developer forum a better place. Also, why are you even questioning the rules like what?

I feel like you ignored the rules completely even though I’ve provided evidence on what you did wrong.


I know, but he’s helping a friend.
Do you expect someone to read 250 forum posts?
It’s like your torching someone to do something.

imagine being a literal by the book kid

I know right, this is childish right now.

That’s… That’s what literally EVERY other DevForum users do…. EVERY person here lurks here before even posting, so it’ll be a fair trade if he does the same to enter the devforum.


imagine saying “rules” 100 times already rofl try to hear yourself

alright so you’re saying he has to go through like 600 forum posts and have it actually go through and count and go through some annoying bot just so he can post his post and possibly not even get hired?

Flagging this for posting on behalf AND the “show” of the comments.

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How am I “roasting” you?
You’re acting childish right now.

why do you have to trade ? just because people told you to follow rules aswell? you gonn do it to others? yall whack lol yall not some staff here alr

imagine saying “trading” lmao this guy is amusing

add me on discord rn and lets go think something through rn “someone different#8648”

Ok, this post is being childish right now.
Just let him do what he want’s.

I only just wanted my friend to get robux and get hired and be happy and this happens plus this is my first time bruh

You posted someone elses work, use no grammar at all, and the only thing in the game is a rejoin script …


He’s giving a suggestion? Why’s that a problem?