[OPEN] R$ 3-6k looking for a scripter | heated

Hello, I am IntervexYT and I am hiring a scripter who knows how to do a lot of variables and knows how to make advanced cooking systems on Roblox. we’re looking for someone who will be dedicated and knows how to document every step they do in the system and maturity.

Heated Images:

Event Center:

Training Center:


Things we’re looking for:

  • Professional
  • Maturity
  • Documentary on every script they create.
  • Someone that could get it done right away.
  • Someone who has discord to contact on and has a flexible schedule.

Things we’re not looking for:

  • Someone who cannot document their scripts.
  • Immaturity.
  • Sloppy work.
  • Someone who does not have a flexible time.
  • Someone who does not have a portfolio.
scripting needed:

We are looking to pay with Robux (Group funds) or via Paypal. if you still are interested, please DM me right away on discord/ developer forum. I ask of you to please provide a portfolio on all of your work when DMing my failure to provide it will result in me ignoring your message automatically decline it.

3-6K+ Robux (group funds Negotiable)
10% of group funds


Heated Social:
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Heated Handbook - Heated Restaurant Handbook [V1]

Let me know when you’re interested!

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