[OPEN] R0bl0x10501050 - Text Logos

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Contact Me:
DevForum - PM me
Discord - R0bl0x10501050#9989
Twitter - @R0bl0x10501050

Hey, I’m R0bl0x10501050 and I make text logos!

Check out the examples below for previous work. (Payment below)

Text Logos


Payment can be done via Robux (150R$; preferably t-shirt, but funds are acceptable) & Discord Nitro (Month).

School goes over designing. I will try to make your order ASAP, but please respect my time.

In the case of you declining the order after I have started, it will be classified as scamming as you have wasted valuable time that I could have used to work with other waiting customers.

I am allowed to decline an order at any time for any reason.

Absolutely no refunds once paid. However, you may request up to 2 changes without having to pay further, but I may not be able to finish them due to my schedule.

Thanks for reading!


I haven’t ordered from you but, 150 Robux for that is very cheap. Every piece presented looks very professional to me, and you could probably ask way more for your work!

But I’ll definitely bookmark this for future use!

Best of luck finding commissions! :smiley:

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nice I might order for you since I have a game in mind

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