CHEAP 150R$ Text Logos!

About Me

Hey Devforumers! I’m here to offer my services as a Text Logo Designer.



Just order and I’ll probably be able to complete it within a day or so.


Robux: ranges from only 150 per logo
Nitro: I accept Discord Nitro as well.


DevForum: PMs
Discord: R0bl0x10501050#9989 (You must be 13+ to contact me on Discord)

Please include the text, color, design, design color, bordering, and whether you want 3D text or not.

Thanks for reading & I hope I will work with you soon! :slight_smile:


Great service. Sent me one in 30 minutes, kind service, patient, overall, well done. 10/10 if you’re looking for a cheap logo! :smiley:


10/10 less than 20 minutes and it’s done its really really good even though it’s simple Commissioned him with 8 Icons and said 25% off if I commission him next time!


Totally interested in hiring you. Send you a friend request. Aleayx#0001

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This guy is better than he looks at first glance! His work is truly amazing and its a shame that he doesn’t get more commissions. I give him a 6/5 he was fast and did it exactly how I wanted it. I ended up paying him double to support him because of his amazing work (i did it optionally he didn’t ask me too).


I’ve seen you around the developer forum multiple times and have taken a look at your previous portfolios. They’re absolutely completely garbage is what I would’ve said if they were but they are definitely not so I wouldn’t need to say that. Your examples are stellar and the amount of reviews you’ve gotten means you are definitely one I should NOT miss out on :slight_smile: . I have sent you a friend request on discord from iiTypixalGmrii#5332 . We can discuss my needs there if you are available for commisions


xxmamaDUBZxx :heart:


10000/10 made me a beautiful looking logo for my game very quickly! He kept on going and going and wouldn’t back until I was satisfied with my order! Anybody looking for a logo maker, this guy should be your go to guy! I would definitely commission him more in the future :smiley:


Great guy to work with, follows along with you and tries to make it as best as possible!

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10/10! i have sent you a friend request on discord Aq_ount#6624

Hi, if you don’t mind me asking, what software do you use? Also, keep up the great work!

I use Photopea for my logos, you can access it on the web for free here!

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Thanks!!! (Sorry for so much examination mark the character limit is dumb)

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What fonts do you use? for the 1st and 2nd logo? thanks

I don’t remember for the first but the second is Ariston Comic I believe.

Are you still open for commissions?

Hi, are you open for business?

Yup, I’m still open. Dm me devforum or discord to make an order so we don’t clog up this thread.

R0bl0x was an amazing person to buy from, and delivered my logo quickly. They even updated the price to fit my range, one of the kindest things I have ever seen (It was a 20 robux difference). I purchased a logo as a gift to a dev, and it was delivered WITHIN A DAY! They even listened to my feedback, and changed it within 5 minutes. I strongly recommend R0bl0x!