[OPEN] Russian Translator │Professional Localization

Привет! My name is Martin, I am a native speaker of the Russian language. I was born in Kazakhstan, the former post-Soviet state.

I think everyone knows that Russia is the largest country on the planet, and a huge number of russians playing ROBLOX. Many of the Russian players are people who have not yet mastered the English language, and therefore most of them do not understand what is happening in-game. So there is opportunity for them to enjoy the translated game! I can translate absolutely any text from English into Russian (and backwards). Text of any complexity and topic.

WARNING! My translation services are done manually without using a translator. Using an automatic translator can lead to incorrect translation.

:alarm_clock: Translations available 24/7, COMISSIONS OPEN
Each comission is individual. Contact me directly for a more accurate answer.

Current and previous collaborations will be posted here:

Payment via PayPal will be considered more primarily (and reviewed faster). I also accept certain amounts of Robux through group funds/transfer.


0.35 cents (USD) per word via PayPal
25 Robux per word

:incoming_envelope:CONTACT ME:

Discord: WD_Martin#4854
ROBLOX: MartinKhan


I don’t want to be rude but if you want to be more credible, you should fix the mistakes you made in your post.


You should try using good grammar because this is not really professional. Since you are a translator, you have to use grammar or your translations will not be good.


Also if you’re from Kazakhstan, I advise you to also add Kazakh to your translatable languages due to the fact that it is also a supported language of the cloud localization tool of Roblox.


This is not necessarily true, in languages, you must have a good grasp on both languages and their grammar. Google Translate or any other translators actually translate words spot on. But they struggle in grammar since it is hard to program all the possible ways of saying a sentence. It’s not wrong to translate things in google translate or any other translator and it can actually save a lot of time. But if you’re translating larger text such as sentences you will have to proofread what the translator puts out and correct it accordingly or just do it from scratch. But some things are difficult to translate such as names and places which might need the use of a translator.