[OPEN] shadow_duo324 - GFX artist for hire {UPDATED}

Hey there! I am shadow and I am offering my services as a GFX artist. I have been doing GFX for about 3 and a half months. I have made another portfolio here about a week or two ago but I wanted to make an updated version of that (if that is not allowed, please let me know because idk lol).

Quite a bit of my past work was on my last portfolio but I have made some new ones due to a few commissions. Here are some of them:

Some pictures I made for fun

Some commissions

Here is a bunch of stuff I made for @DailyPlayedRoblox:

Here is one I made for @JustKillea

There will be many more in the future, so this will only keep growing.

Payment is negotiable. However, I do have some base prices:

:robux_gold: 400-500 for a thumbnail.
:robux_gold: 300-400 for an icon.
:robux_gold: 200-250 for a logo.
:robux_gold: 70 for an ad.
Preferred method of payment is group funds. An alternative is a game pass. Paypal is now available.

You can contact me:
Via discord: ShadowBoi#0802
Via dev forum

I’m available pretty much the whole day so feel free to contact me anytime. When school starts, I will be around for less time, but still enough to satisfy your needs.

Thanks for reading my updated portfolio! I hope to be in touch with you and make spectacular designs for you. Stay safe and have a good one!


Did a great job with my GFX’s, definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an affordable GFX person. Thanks!

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30 charrs

Your price is a bit too pricey. Maybe lower down the price. If you need better fonts, go to dafont.com to look up some fonts. You are able to test it too.

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Well they are negotiable, as i stated. The thing is basically a sort of rough idea of what the prices are. I will lower it though. thanks for your suggestion

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Updated prices! check them out

Ok, just to let you guys know, i changed accounts on discord due to complications. New one is in my portfolio.
(if you are currently waiting for a picture on shadow_duo324#1439, I am so sorry for not notifying you.)