[Open source] Feather for Roblox

You cannot modify images from Roblox Studio, because sometimes I want to trim or recolor the image based on my needs.

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Recoloring images, I’m pretty sure you can do (if the image is white)

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You cannot. You have to download it colored.

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I’m pretty sure there’s a property called ImageColor3.

Since the icons are white, you can use that for basic coloring.


You’re able to recolor the image due to the image being white.

Recolor it via the property ImageLabel.ImageColor3.

Here’s a quick GIF of me changing the color of one of the icons.


You can recolour the icons, as the icons are exported in white colour, meaning that color blending (which is what Roblox uses for ImageColor3) will work as expected.

About modifying, no, this is not vector graphics, this is only rastered graphics (Roblox don’t support SVGs), but you can just get the svg file from https://feathericons.com/


For some reason this error pops up when I opened a baseplate:
Screenshot (43)

Not sure what it is, but the number matches the id, and this happened after downloading the plugin.
Can you fix this?

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Heyo, we’ve rolled out an update, here are what we’ve changed:

  • Plugin no longer uses MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo() to fetch the icon’s name, as this will hit the rate limit
  • The widget name is now changed; it should be easier to find the correct widget in the PluginGuiService
  • When hovering at a specific icon, the title of the widget will let you know what you are selecting

For the repository, we’ve fixed the issue where the project JSON file will cause an error

Here’s a screenshot for the hovering part.


Oh this makes things far easier! Cheers!

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I have a suggestion! I really really love this plugin, but one thing that annoys me is that when I already select an icon, the picture doesnt just change and the plugin just creates a new image child. You could try making an update where instead of it just making a new image while selecting an already existing imagelabel, it would replace the current image labels picture with the picture of the selected icon. If that makes sense… :+1:


Aloha :wave:

We’ve pushed a new update to the public, here’s what changed!

  • Plugin now support existing images, so you can apply the icon to a selected image instead
  • Plugin now shows the number of icons loaded at start

While I have already archived the repository, I’ll unarchive it again to update the icon list, the current icons are exported in an awful way, they are basically just a straight conversion from SVG to PNG, which means each icon is not in a box but scaled based on the glyph size. The new one is the opposite, so all of them are in 1:1 ratio, and exported in 512x512 with optimizations.

It should include a few more icons.


Here’s a screenshot of what I am currently doing right now.


I recommend implementing ChangeHistoryService into your plugin so that it’s easy to undo/redo the icon changes since it is slightly annoying how I can’t undo what the plugin does. Nevertheless, this is a great plugin!


This plugin is highly recommend if your a UI designer. This provides a massive amount of icons that are sleek and modern. This and Interface Tools should be used together for more variety. I use this all the time for icons and more and it’s overall amazing!

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I’ve just published the final revision of this plugin, the new update includes a lot of improvements, such as:

  • Completely refreshed design of the plugin, designed to be efficient and easier to use
  • Re-exported all icons, all icons are now boxed in a 512x512 shape, which now it should be easier to scale while maintaining consistency
  • A huge recode in the source code, providing a much well-structured codebase
  • The plugin will insert/apply icon to every selected object now
  • Added ChangeHistoryService support, thanks @AdvancedDrone!

For those who installed the plugin via the cloud, simply update it via the plugin management panel.

Here’s a screenshot for those who are curious:


Very epic! I love the new look


Nice! Now we just need a big pack for SFX audio.


Hey :wave:

The team at Feather Icons has not been maintaining the project for a while now, it is likely that the project has been discontinued (kinda), as a result. I will be changing this plugin so it relies on a community-fork called Lucide Icons, which has a lot more icons that you need for your project.

The next coming update will feature a major rebrand with a lot more icons available (like 130+ more, more to come soon), along with some other nice changes.



Has been released as an early alpha, here’s the thread:

Feather Icons will not be replaced as Lucide != Feather