Open-Source Video Player

Open-Source Roblox Video Player

Uncopylocked Place | Free model

With the recent addition of VideoFrames I have decided to make a working, open-source video player in Roblox.

Preview of the video player:

I didn’t bother to make really good UI for this, but since this is open-source, you can do whatever you want to it!


  • UIShapes for the Play icon
  • 3iv for the Pause button icon
  • Vexels for their Reset icon

Looks very good, good job. But I’m worried about something which is bypassing, I have seen many images that are 100% inappropriate and they were all allowed to be on roblox. For example yesterday I joined an admin game, someone had btools(F3X) and this person used the decal feature in that F3X to put inappropriate images on parts, not only that somehow he even changed the sky to that image. Till now I haven’t seen roblox doing anything about that. I’m worried that people might bypass the video player too just like the images.


This is entirely client-side, so bypassing shouldn’t be a big problem, plus I doubt that Roblox would allow everyone to upload videos

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Someone can server side it then

It looks great but to make it easier for people to get it, try making it a model.

Sure, I’ll edit the topic to include the free model’s link once I publish it

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No. One client doesn’t have direct access to another client. Unless there was some sort of client to the server to client communication where I could say input a video ID and it would broadcast to another client there’s no physical way to bypass this. Is it possible to have some inappropriate video ID? 100% but, It wouldn’t be on other clients’ screens just the one that input the video ID.

Add a feature where you can drag the progress bar.