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about me

Hey there! I’m RealExoctic and I’m mostly involved in scripting/building, I’ve scripted and built many projects but not all of them lasted for long and were eventually discontinued, abandoned and etc. I’ve never worked on big front-page games but I have worked on small games.

Groups I previously worked for:

Zenytsu Incorporated

Groups I currently work for:

Rexon Studios


Obama "Care" Headquarters

Game link

"Basic computer setup

I have lost the file for this model, so I can’t provide it as a free model sadly.


Interrogation room

Game Link



Simple main menu and loading screen that use TweenService

Game link


Open-Source video player in Roblox

Thread link


Seamless Map loading

No thread or game link, since this was made in a project that is now cancelled.


Mugshot Simulator

Game link

Tweened Door

Crate Pickup & Refill System

What are you working on currently? (2020) - #5910 by LostFiftyFityGotQiqi

Basic Avatar Editor System

Outfit Maker - Roblox

I’m only available on weekends if things don’t change.

You can contact me thru Roblox Messages, Twitter or Discord, though I mostly check Twitter and Discord.

Discord: RealExoctic#8440

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What kind of payments you are up to?

If you mean what payment method I accept then I accept Robux (in group funds or whatever other way there is) but I’m planning on accept USD soon.

If I misunderstood your question in any way then feel free to explain to me what I misunderstood.

Updated the topic to look better and to add/change things, gonna add more things to showcase once I get back home.

I’m interested, do you work with AI?

I don’t have any interest in working with AI stuff

How much would it cost to script a lockdown system
i.e Pressing a button would shut all lockdown doors across a base until clicked again.

Ill add you on discord as Dylon#9760
if you can help

A lockdown system isn’t too hard to make. As long as it’s only the script and you’re gonna be using it with your already existing assets I’d say it would cost 40 robux (although you could 100% just save money by making it yourself)