Open Sourced VR Support?

Is there an open sourced VR Support script that isnt like that VR Hands game but just a simple first person with movable hands thing?

Nexus VR.

You can easily configure it.

Please search first!


VR games on roblox already are really rare, i don’t think people would open source their games because of that. if it’s one of the maybe 100 to 1000 VR games on roblox to take off, it would be in their best bet to not open source it at that moment. Those dev know that and therefore they don’t open source the game. you might get your both metaphorical and virtual hands on an open sourced script though.

I did search, I guess not very well, do I just put it in workspace?

I believe so, you may want to change the Move Type as I don’t think the default Move Type in the configuration works (from the last time i’ve used it a few months ago)

Also Search results for 'open source vr' - Developer Forum | Roblox

What would I change it to? I’m not very experienced in this specific field yet.

Find the line


in the Configuration ModuleScript and change it to

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