[OPEN] Sudden_Demise | Programmer & UI Designer

About Me

Hey there, I’m Sudden_Demise. I’m a Programmer with about 6 years of experience and around 3.7 years of UI Design experience. I also do other development such as building and GFX however it’s mostly on the side and I do not take orders for building or GFX.

My Positions

I’ve worked at over 150 groups on ROBLOX including Super Roleplay, MYO, Chicken Shack, Building Roleplay, Glace, The Crust, Nexus Cafe, Melts Ice Cream, Sweet Pineapple, and plenty of other groups.

My examples (Scripting)

Warning System

Team Color & Rank Based Overhead UI

Makes abbreviations based on a users roleid.

Discord Group Member Counter


have made some other stuff, just haven’t uploaded it yet.

My examples (UI)


I usually don’t take percentages, I charge based on complexity of the script I’ve created.
Tshirt + Tax or Group Funds. I don’t take USD.

Contact Info
ROBLOX Username - Sudden_Demise
Discord - samtheman#0637
DevForum Profile - Profile - Sudden_Demise - DevForum | Roblox

Thanks for reading, if you’re interested in hiring me you can contact me with the Contact Information provided. Have a nice day!

EDIT : Thank you guys for all the commissions, I’ll be reopening them soon!


On behalf of Melts | Ice Cream Parlor, I can assure you that Sudden_Demise is one of the best UI Designers & Programmers out there. We’ve been working together for a while, and during this period he has provided excellent service and results. Not only are his prices reasonable, he dedicates a lot of effort into everything he develops.


On an estimate, how much would you charge on scripting a GUI that’s already designed? (A basic one)

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Depends on what type of UI it is and what functions need to be created.

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I’d charge around 50 - 75 ROBUX for the Pizza Cooking machine.

As for the UI, I’d charge around 100 - 125 ROBUX for that too.


Reopened my commissions, dms open to all!

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Hello, Sudden_Demise! I’m the current Owner of Pancakeś, I hear your really good. Are you willing to come back?

DMs, we can speak more about it there :slight_smile:

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Added you on discord, my username is Jacobthedragon#8256. Add me back if your looking to make some UIs for me!

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Are you able to program advanced vehicles and physics? If so, please DM on Discord: TMSGaming#5630

I don’t program vehicles, sorry.


Could you program a weapon framework for us?

I don’t program weapons either, mostly because they’re related to animation.

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I have DM’d you on discord if you are interested in work, hope to hear back from you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Think saying my group AD’S are just gonna be a waste is polite? You are nobody “big” to tell me, it kinda sounded funny when you did.

I actually didn’t say your ads were going to be a waste, I said that 30,000 ROBUX is a waste of robux to put out on one ad. I haven’t even seen your ads, so why would I judge their quality?

Please stop posting this on my portfolio, if you have a problem we can sort it out via devforum messages.


I do not want other people to have to deal with what I did, reasoning why I posted this here. :+1:

Vouch of @Sudden_Demise by @cizzles

On behalf of the entire team at Club Astro,
We here at Cizzles and Club Astro greatly commend Sam or @Sudden_Demise for his development of Club Astro and its subsidiary games. I, personally, strongly vouch and recommend Sam as a developer, an advisor, or as a QA (Quality Assurance) tester. Without him, I do not believe that any of us here would be where we are now. He is full of knowledge and experience. In addition, he stands as a plethora of advice regarding best practices in security, optimization, and game development. Sam is the epitome of what I expect in a developer for one of my games or one of my colleague’s games. His age in no way attenuates or diminishes his experience and quality of work as a developer. I would freely welcome @Sudden_Demise onto any of my future games. He seemingly finishes all of his work on time and is mature and appropriate for his age. Furthermore, hiring you is provably fair due to your experience, attitude and temperament. You’re truly a remarkable person and developer and I can’t wait for your continued growth and development. I hope to continue working with you more in the future.


Wonderful Work! Keep it up! :smile:


Hello! This is a vouch for Sudden_Demise, Sudden_Demise is a fast one, his programming skills is amazing! When I was going to give him the payment, he made sure if I wanted a member count for $25 dollar ROBLOX gift card, because it was over how much it costed, he told me I could buy other things too, he made sure that I got what I wanted, and to get my money worth. Good job Sudden_Demise!