(Open) TheRblxAlien's Portolio || Gfx Artist And Group Manager For Hire

About Me!

Hello, I’m a 15-year-old boy, I specialize in Gfx’s and I’m a good group manager.
My name is Austin, I have been a Gfx artist and group manager for over 1 year now!

Groups I managed.


(Old) Plus+1 (2) Plus+1 - Roblox
Crazy Studio’s (2) Crazy Studio’s! - Roblox
(Old) The Espresso Express (2) The Espresso Express - Roblox

Gfx showcase.








350 - 1000 R$ Per Group Managment.


I will be available every Tuesday, Friday, Thursday, And Saturday.


I do not take percentages.
Must Be 11 or older to buy.
Don’t rush.
Don’t be toxic.
And do NOT scam.


(Preferred) Discord: TheRblxAlien#1700
Twitter: @TheRoloxDev1
Or Contact Me Here On DevForum.

Have A Nice Day!


Hello there. I have 3 questions. While I like your GFX, I do have a problem understanding something.

Everyone here must be 13+ years old to enter the forum, so why 11+ ?
2. I saw that the group links contain web.roblox.com in them, which is supposed to be only for under 13 year olds?

3. Why is your Roblox account not even 1 month old? Seems pretty suspicious to me.

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Well first of all, I said 11 plus Because I Might Copy My thing On To A Diff Site.
2nd Of All My Account Is Less Than One Month Old Cuz Thats When I Joined.
And 3rd Wdym By The Roblox Website Being Only For Under 13 Yearolds. This Is Legit Made By Roblox.

For what you said;

  1. It’s better to ask for users to be 13+ since underage kids aren’t really professional.
  2. Is this account you’re using an alt? Because Roblox clearly stated that
  1. This website (of course by Roblox) is 13+. If you or anyone else happen to be underage, your account will be permanently banned from the site.
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As @octav20071 said in a previous statement, I think it is fishy you had the web.roblox.com on and that it is open to 11+ years of age.

as @octav20071 and @EqualAxoly have stated this is very sus

please provide the real roblox links instead of web.roblox.com

Note: Roblox is for all ages but as i stated before why use links from web.roblox.com

web.roblox.com is used from users who are under 13, hence it’s not allowed on the forum.

thats what i ment

@EqualAxoly was stating one more fishy issue with this

@Roblox needs to add more to the code of conduct
(or rules)

The Sites Are (www).roblox.com
2nd this is not my alt My Friend Gave Me This Account When I Said I Would Like To Join Roblox,
He Was Using This As His Alt And I Didn’t Like The Name Either, But I Wanted To be Nice.
And I Was Hacked 2 & Half Weeks Ago And They Deleted All My Things.

3rd Im 15

Also your all the same person.

its My account and my way of working
its not Your business to say what is weird or not

Alright. I trust you. But there are some things to notice when making a Portfolio.
You should be sure that your topic must be parallel with the TOS of the forum, and I suggest reading this article.

I did not make 2 other accounts just to hate on you. There are 2 different people in this discussion.

well my friend did some research and they are friended to the same account they go offline at the same times and they were made this year. but i won’t get involved in that

I have some questions, as a manager wha do you specialize in? Community, Project, or both! Second I would like to know your style of managing.

we are not, accutlay we don’t even know each other.

i manage projects and help mod

I’m looking for manager who can possibly help me host meetings. I would like to know your managing style (Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, etc.)

Uhh I dont rlly know about styles