[OPEN] [USD$$$] Builders & Graphic Artists

Creation Song

We’re in need of a graphic artist who can draw and design facial templates for characters.

We are also looking for more builders, proficient or experts. In this category, you’ll be assisting, helping, or indulging in solo/group projects. Map makers with city building experience is preferred. You must be able to work with specific systems/style of modeling/building.

I am enlisting freelancers as well as seeking any interested committed developers.

My preferred payment type is USD via PayPal for your services. You may expect to earn anywhere from $10 - $100 depending on task.

Please contact me @ janboe#3815 on Discord for more information or specific inquiry offers.


Hey there! I can do this! I’m adding you at HendricoMaximus!

Hello, I have sent you a request for either poaitions!

My discord is xinder#3686.

I’m Graphic Artist, Dm’s

Hey! I can do this job, heres my portfolio: Nepsunai | 2D Artist Portfolio | OPEN. Contact me on discord if you’re interested @nepsunai#3333

Heya! I sent you a F.R on discord. Hope we can get in contact soon!


I’m interested but I don’t do Discord. All the faces that I will do if I’m hired will be made in Inkscape. Portfolio is linked below.